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Kitsap Credit Union | Bank Design & Branch Rebrand




Kitsap Credit Union came to I-5 Design with a comprehensive re-branding assignment. Kitsap wanted its twenty-two retail locations to convey upscale professionalism, while also integrating a visually engaging, family friendly new six-color logo. They asked I-5 Design to create a brand design and implementation plan for achieving these goals, as well as ensuring that the logo graphic would retain a consistent appearance across all types of applications and lighting.

Design and finished product highlights

I-5’s team of design experts went to work, carefully considering the myriad environments where the new logo would appear. Inside and out, with signage, graphics and integrated design, I-5 established a premier-quality, unified brand design presentation. Bank design components included:

• Multi-dimensional, internally illuminated exterior signage for each branch. Signage displays featured a curving
faces with premium metallic silver finishes and custom six color graphic overlay applied to the push thru acrylic
logo elements.

• Branch interior signage

• ATM graphics

• Dimensional, internally illuminated monument signs

• Dimensional building letters and full color graphics

• A variety of complementary exterior signage executions

Production and implementation

I-5 Design created a detailed integration design plan; fabricated all signage and graphics at our in-house production facility; and completed implementation throughout all locations, streamlining the transformation process for the least amount of impact to the Credit Union and their customers.


Kitsap Credit Union’s new brand has been implemented across its network of high-end retail locations, establishing a sophisticated new identity for the entire corporation.

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McLendon Hardware | Exterior Sign Design



Storefront facade design, manufacture, and implementation – Renton, WA

This project was originally an old K-Mart building. We designed an entirely new look for the facade of this existing building. With minimal structural changes we were able to transform the entire feel of the store.

“I have coordinated other projects like this one and in looking back, one of the big advantages of working with I-5 was working with one company and a single contact keeping me apprised of all the details. In the past, I had to deal with many different entities and their schedules, but on this project, I-5 got me what I wanted – streamlined project management, and an impressive end product that is far exceeding our sales projections. I-5 Design & Manufacture is definitely a company I can highly recommend.”

“It is now several months after our Grand Opening, and we are extremely pleased with the new operation and the high sales volume that has been generated. In fact, we have had days when our gigantic parking facility has been overflowing to neighboring lots. Thank you I-5 Design & Manufacture.”

– Mike McLendon, McLendon Hardware Inc.

This project included exterior signage design, awnings, channel letters, & pole shrouds.

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Rio Market | Retail Design




Rio Market needed to be able to visualize how a self-serve superfood area and lounge would look, prior to any implementation. I-5 was contracted to create a 3-dimensional conceptual supermarket design plan that would illustrate the area.

Design highlights

Designers from the I-5 team envisioned a space that would conjure the essence of the rainforest—a source of wholesome, fresh, sustaining fruits and other foods. The theme was carried through in a color scheme and other imaginative décor elements. Design components included:

• A palette of nature-fresh colors: greens, blues and sunny yellow

• A central bin kiosk anchors the self-serve area

• Mosiac tile accents echo the color scheme

• Overhead “flow” ribbon elements suggest the life-giving essence of water

• An evocative “rain curtain” defines a seating area

• Innovative lighting “stems” lend an organic accent


I-5’s captivating supermarket design allowed Rio Market’s owners to envision a beautiful space in which customers could both shop and immerse themselves in a soothing and affirming environment

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Tech City Bowl Storefront Design



Retail storefront design and manufacture – Kirkland, WA

This building started out looking like an ordinary bowling alley. Tech City decided they wanted something exciting that would attract more attention. I-5 designed and manufactured signs for both the bowling alley and the grill. The “retro” look helped create a high energy, fun feel.

This project included exterior signage design, opened faced neon channel letters, facade upgrade, and a monument road sign.

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Beaufort Supermarket Design Project




Located in the historic city of Beaufort, SC, this proposed gourmet supermarket asked I-5 Design to create a supermarket design that captured the look and feel of an old-fashioned mercantile store, in keeping with the architectural style of many of the city’s buildings.

Design highlights

I-5 researched the layouts and designs of mercantile stores of old, then used that information to create a market that looked historic — but offered all the modern technology, innovation, and convenience of today’s supermarket designs. Features included:

• A store layout that borrowed from old-time general stores

• A freestanding central kiosk area with barrel vault ceiling

• A traditional soda counter with stools and other authentic elements

• Custom display shelves with built-up crown molding

• Traditional lettering and signage

• Brick and wood accents

• Mercantile-style barrels as both décor and functional display elements


Owners of the Beaufort Market were thrilled with I-5’s supermarket design, which provided both the historic charm and ambience they hoped for, as well as the modern practicality and functional advances of today’s supermarkets.

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First Mutual Bank Design



Signage design, manufacture and implementation – Pacific Northwest

Custom exterior bank design and signage, entry design and sign design to fit any bank location.

These projects included exterior signage design, pylon sign with electronic message board, awnings, and channel letters.

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Koffee Kat Espresso



Retail facade re-design – Aberdeen, WA

I-5 designed a free standing canopy structure for the small coffee kiosk and espresso stand to shelter the customers from the rain while providing an eye-catching design element. I-5 was able to accomplish this by adding a free-standing structure with an extended valance, thermoclear paneling over the drive-thru for added effect and a large logo sign attached. The whole structure could be pre-manufactured and installed simply in a matter of days. We also suggested painting the coffee kiosk and adding a brick wainscot around the bottom for a finished appearance.

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