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Design for customers who want more from shopping experiences

It’s a reliable retail axiom that the longer customers remain in a store, the more they’re likely to buy. To engage customers, savvy retailers are designing their stores to reflect targeted consumer lifestyles and spark the interest of niche markets.

Creative elements such as signage, marketing visuals and lighting not only make stores more efficient and spotlight value-added products and services, they can lead to longer in-store time and more purchases.

In the current economic downturn more retailers are chasing fewer consumer dollars. Designing to engage customers from walk-in to check-out is a smart investment that yields more sales today and greater potential for repeat business tomorrow.

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Time is Money

For gaming establishments, time is money. While the need to enlarge, renovate or add new features to existing structures and amenities is crucial to attracting and retaining customers, significant down time for casino construction and installations is hard on the bottom line. Casino design solutions that minimize construction / installation time and space include:

• Advanced digital design technologies that preview updates, renovations and installations to avoid costly, time-consuming changes and deliver the planned impact
• Flexible, scalable construction and installations strategies to accommodate future expansion and updates with minimal business disruption.

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The Primary Focus in Restaurants

While the dining area is a primary focus, every area of a restaurant that customers frequent is part of the total dining experience. And these spaces offer further opportunities to display your brand through integrated design elements. The entrance and lobby send your initial message to customers and can spotlight unique selling points of theme, ambiance and decor. Well-conceived and well-appointed restrooms are another area where keen attention to detail pays off and design elements geared to impress customers can underline the quality of their total dining experience.

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Progressive Banks

Today progressive banks are using design elements to identify and leverage customer differences. Banks that serve high numbers of young families may add a play area for the children of busy parents. Another institution with a customer base of seniors may offer amenities that appeal to the social needs of that demographic group, including TV screens, newspapers, coffee, comfortable seating and meeting areas. Professional and business customers, for whom time is a key issue, may value streamlined interior design that helps shorten lines, speed transactions, segment merchant and customer business and identify products and services.

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