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Compelling design elements and signage direct customer interest

In retail, getting customers in your door is a promising first step. But engaging them with design elements and subtly directing them around and through your space can prompt longer shopping times and more purchases.

Designated themed areas spotlight items linked by use, color, origin, or other distinguishing features. Dramatic lighting focuses attention on displays that draw customer interest. Strategically placed way-finding signage directs customer flow to featured items and encourages buying.

Leveraging the power of appealing design and smart customer flow can boost profitability. In planning your retail environment – whether a new construction or a remodel – ensure that customers can easily find their way to merchandise you want to sell and they want to buy.

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Putting the right face on your business

The exterior façade of your building defines your business on multiple levels. It can provide initial answers to questions potential customers consider as they decide whether to enter your doors: Will I find what I want here? Is this my kind of place? Will I feel comfortable being here? Will I want to return here again?

First impressions are often lasting impressions. That’s why as the first visual representation of your brand, your façade design can create both positive and negative expectations in potential customers.

Attention to design detail and putting yourself in a customer’s place can tip the scales in your favor. If it rains a lot in your location, or if the sun generates glare and heat, consider a roof awning as part of your façade design.

If your site is surrounded by traditional and conservative architecture, a glitzy exterior may not be the right design solution. If your targeted customers expect you to provide a certain style and quality of products and services, presenting a façade design at odds with those expectations will not earn you new and repeat business.

It’s been said that you never get a second chance to make a good first impression. All the more reason to put the right face on your business when you build or remodel.

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Design to gain a competitive edge in the gaming business

In 2009 the U.S. Gaming industry reported a decrease in revenues of $1.78 billion. This 2.6 percent dip represents the first decline in three decades and with new competition ready to ante up, private and tribal-owned casino venues are looking for new ways to attract and retain customers.

The pinch of economic slowdown is being felt in more than 25 states that are currently seeking to increase their gaming operations as a way to bridge budgetary gaps. Revenue-generating strategies will likely include new casino design and theme elements to engage gamers and non-gamers, coupled with cost-efficient installations that deliver flexibility and ongoing value.

To get and keep competitive advantage, many casino owners will be looking for design and manufacturing partners that can supply new construction or remodel and retrofit packages at a price that won’t break the bank. These partnerships may be the most important investment gaming industry players can make in a new year that promises expanded competition.

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