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Lopez Island Market

As an installer for I-5 Design & Manufacture, I was on the team that fabricated and installed all the interior decor elements for Lopez Market’s recent renovation. I always like going back to a completed project after it has opened to see how the entire plan comes together and recently my wife and I stopped by, to see the finished project. As we walked in the entrance we were greeted with a perfect combination of class and warmth that certainly evoked the “village” feel. Bonnie’s deli offered a nice assortment of meal options, and after deciding on our items we moved to the seating area. Looking around the market, I was impressed to see that each element helped unify the overall theme and create a very comfortable store environment. Grids were hung to appear as if they were suspended in air; aisle signs, each titled not by number but by historic road names from the island brought order to each aisle; and scattered about the store stood photo galleries ranging from classic photos to beautiful images of meats and cheeses. Above the check stands, another grid was suspended with lights shining down on each helpful attendant. Each of the elements works together within the design plan to create the overall atmosphere and tell a unique story. Which is precisely our objective on every project we work on – help our customers tell their story through beautiful decor, theming and signage. I’m proud of the job we did at Lopez Village Market and encourage you to take the trip to see for yourself.

Todd R.

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