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Inspired by Nature

image of casino bar & lounge design

Whether it is fire, water, trees or even grass have you ever stopped and thought, how many ideas are sparked by nature? The design team at I-5 Design & Manufacture is continually drawing from nature’s beauty. Many of our projects are created by using one of natures themes. Inside the Monte Carlo resort in Las Vegas, we recently manufactured a sign for a lounge called “Ignite” with a seemingly glowing fire in background. The entire sign looked as if it were ablaze, it easily went along with their slogan, “Meet and mingle at the hottest spot on the strip”

In another venue, we recently designed a remodel that the theme was taken from the swirling pattern of a nautilus sea shell. Simulating the end of a journey with a contemporary ocean theme, our designers were able to achieve our client’s goal which was to create a comfortable, inviting place for visitors to sit down and relax while still being in the center of the action. By using the same geometrical pattern of the shell on the ceiling, the soothing and inviting environment was effectivly created in this venue.

These are just a few examples of how our design team draws from nature, how has nature inspired you?

Christine W.

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Putting your lobby area in the best light possible

Image of casino design sketch
When walking into a business, what is the first thing customers see? Many will spend at least a little time in the lobby or entry area. Using artwork or other décor elements can help create the perfect environment for waiting guests. Here are a few lighting tips that can help you get the most out of artwork or decor features to put your lobby in the best light possible.

Artwork comes in a variety of shapes, sizes and types. By lighting pieces properly you can create a dramatic, subtle or surreal effect in your lobby environment. Consider not just the feature, but how the piece is represented in the surrounding space. Lighting poses challenges from both the technical application and design aspects. Appropriate lighting can bring out nuances and defects in your features that you may have not seen previously in a different light. There are many different lighting and lamping sources available on the market today and it is important to understand your specific application and the surrounding environment before we explore how to maximize its effectiveness with lighting.

Although applied techniques can vary for unique style considerations, without light we will not be able to see the artwork, whereas with poor lighting, it will be difficult for us to be pleased when viewing the features. When creating your lighting plan, generally use a light source for your feature that is three times the intensity of the ambient (room) lighting. This helps to emphasis your piece without the light appearing too dim or overwhelming. In lighting design, techniques can also be applied to reduce the general lighting level within the space where the artwork is being displayed to achieve this 3:1 contrast.

Selecting the best lighting choice from the broad range of options may be daunting. However, by following the techniques and guidelines laid out above, you can add to the experience of your guests and put your lobby in the best light possible.

– Christine W.

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