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Custom Lighting For Any Space

Photos of custom designed chandeliers

Choosing the correct lighting fixtures for your venue, whether it is chandeliers or sconces, is a very important factor in any design. At I-5 Design and Manufacture, our designers specialize in creating customized lighting designs for a variety of locations and client types. Once these fixtures have been designed, they are then produced in our state-of-the-art manufacturing facility to ensure maximum quality and durability. Each locality that we provide lighting designs for requires a specialized look to tie into the surrounding area or theme of the venue. At the Clearwater Casino Buffet, the chandeliers that we designed included amber and green mica to create a warm and inviting glow, while corresponding with the natural, earthy theme of the rest of the buffet. For the Little Creek Casino, located in Shelton, Washington, our designers incorporated the Native American ‘Guardian of the Sun’ tribal element into the chandeliers, which added interest as well as honored the heritage of the Squaxin Island Tribe. Accurate lighting is essential in creating the perfect atmosphere for your location, and I-5 Design can provide this from design to manufacture and installation.

Sarah K.
I-5 Design
Purchasing Manager

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Gold River Casino is on fire!

Custom Decor Design Flame Structure for the Gold River Casino

This custom designed flame sculpture was fabricated at the I-5 Design workshop in Lacey Washington, and implemented into the gaming floor area at the Gold River Casino. This custom decor element is I-5’s own brand of I-Metal sculpted into tongues of fire and finished in various warm color tones on a smooth, curved shape. Color changing LED lighting concealed below the custom designed flames, gives the sculpture the impression of real fire. This spectacular structure is now the flaming centerpiece for the gaming area inside the Gold River Casino, located in Anadarko, Oklahoma.

Laura S.
I-5 Design
Project Blogger

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Siletz Bay Buffet at the Chinook Winds Casino

Interior buffet upgrade at the Chinook Winds Casino

At the Chinook Winds Casino and Resort, located in Lincoln City, Oregon, I-5 Design recently completed an amazing upgrade for the Siletz Bay Buffet. Working with the existing curved structure of the venue, we created a design that enhanced the visibility from the gaming floor, as well as added interest and excitement. Suspended ceiling beams in a deep cherry wood finish, with concealed red LED lighting radiate outward from the center of the buffet, and provide a warm glow that invites patrons in. Corresponding with the overall red hued color palette, the ceiling-mounted entrance signage features internally illuminated push-through letters on a custom, integrated metal face in a deep burgundy tone. Surrounding the perimeter of the seating area, a curved half wall clad with architectural cultured stone and tapered dividing pillars inset with specialty etched metal, and topped with decorative caps provide effective screening from the queue line. Above the hostess counter, a multi-layered circular element with custom metal to tie into the half walls provides interest and reflects the shape of the tile below. An amber mica chandelier suspended from the center of the ceiling feature illuminates the imetal above and replicates the mica chandeliers throughout the interior of the buffet.  Inside the buffet, the same style wood beams with concealed LED lighting mantle the ceiling; while the custom designed carpet adds a natural feel and complements the colors found in the interior artwork. New equipment and furniture was also included to create a uniform and upscale atmosphere. Through extensive coordination between I-5 Design and the casino personnel, the entire remodel was able to be performed quickly and during closed hours, allowing the buffet to remain open throughout the renovation process.


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Theme-based Design

Photo and mood board

Each venue or client type that we work with requires a new and innovative design style, and below are some of the steps we keep in mind while creating a design.

1. First we consider the customer base and which kind of people the design is intended to appeal to. Based on this information, we choose the color palettes and décor elements that would best complement the atmosphere or style requested by the customer.

2.What kind of atmosphere or theme does the client want to create; a regional theme common to the area or the local population, or a destination/retail environment that is different than most or all other business in the area?

3.Is the emphasis for the overall venue supposed to be warm and inviting, or is there a “wow” factor that needs to come into play, to create a unique and unforgettable experience.

Although every design varies, we are constantly thinking of ways the customer can get the biggest return on their investment. Keeping these tips in mind helps us make our clients pleased, and this, along with communication keeps our customer base continually increasing.


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ENVY Nightlife at the Route 66 Casino

Photos of the ENVY Nightlife

We recently completed another project for the Route 66 Casino, located in Albuquerque, New Mexico – the ENVY Nightlife. The objective of this design was to create a vibrant and energetic atmosphere for the nightclub that would appeal to the 21-35 age demographic. To realize this vision, we designed a dramatic entrance with compelling signage and wall décor, which faces the gaming floor and draws attention to the exterior of the venue. Inside of the nightclub, the design is spectacular. Suspended from the ceiling is an incredible oval lighting element, which has over 400 lineal feet of direct-view LED tubes radiating outward from the center. This element is capable of displaying everything from large scale video to intricately designed effects that range from a pulsated heartbeat to a whirling cyclone in a starburst of intense color and movement. A four-tiered cornice dramatically frames the stage with a graceful curving shape and high-gloss specialty metal finish etched into it. Suspended from each winged cornice structure are chrome chain curtains that can be drawn back to display a secondary DJ Booth. Many types of light fixtures were designed to swirl around the dance floor creating another dimension as the light beams move through the haze. All of the lighting chosen for the nightclub is fully programmable and color changing, allowing for a variety of moods to be created. All of this and more work together to create an ever changing, amazing nightclub experience.

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Every color has a purpose

Photo of a casino color board
Making the right color choice for your venue is essential, and there are many factors that go into choosing the correct one. Different Colors produce different reactions in people, which is why it is extremely important for a designer to know just what color is needed in a particular design. Here are some examples of what different colors entail. Red is very vibrant and hot; it can indicate danger, which is the reason that stoplights and warning signs are red. However, it can be a very powerful accent color, and also used to portray strength, or passion. Yellow is often considered the brightest and most energizing color. Many times it is used to reflect sunshine, and cheerfulness; it can also be used to portray hope, as well draw extra attention to a specific object. Blue can be refreshing, strong, or peaceful, and often creates a soothing or cool atmosphere. You will see light blue in many doctor or dentists offices, because it is produces a reassuring environment. Those were just the primary colors, but every single color has emotion, or feelings attached to it, and should be thoughtfully chosen. When choosing colors for your venue and you wonder why they “just don’t look right”, try considering what the different colors are portraying, and you might have a simpler time choosing the perfect palette for your project.

Susan H.
I-5 Design
Project Blogger

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Custom Metal

Photos of various iMetal surfaces

One of the custom décor elements that we produce at I-5 Design & Manufacture, and incorporate into many of our designs is iMetal. iMetal is a specialty metal material that can be applied to a variety of surfaces or elements, and comes in limitless colors and patterns. Depending on the style of the venue, our designers create a customized design pattern utilizing state of the art technology that is then translated to production and applied to the material. At the beginning of the manufacturing stage, each piece of material is stored at room temperature to prevent oxidation, and is carefully examined to ensure that it is completely flawless. The sheet is then thoroughly treated and primed to ensure maximum vibrancy and reflectiveness for the finish look. Once the design is integrated into the aluminum, it is primed for the spray booth, in which it is painted and coated to the exact color specified by the designer. After the painting process is complete, what was once an unfinished sheet of aluminum is now a rare piece of art created specifically for your facility.

John W.
I-5 Design
Project Blogger

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The Importance of Systems

Interior aisle signage

During a recent project, our production crew was scheduled to manufacture 115 custom aisle markers for several different grocery store locations across the country. To accomplish this in the most time efficient manner, the project manager and production foremen created a step-by-step process that was simple and easy for the crew to follow. By developing an assembly line system, each member of the team was able to concentrate on a specific task; preparing their part and repeating the necessary steps exactly the same way each time, thereby maximizing efficiency without compromising quality. As the production managers and shop foremen develop and oversee these systems, individual members of the team also have the authority to suggest improvements to the system or stop the assembly line if they see a problem. Following these steps correctly ensures that every location is provided with the same high quality product every time, and that there is no deviation from the uniform design of each store.

Jim H.
I-5 Design
Project Blogger

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