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Pit River Casino | Interior Casino Design Renovation | Part 2

Photo Compilation of the Pit River Casino interior

Part 2 of the Pit River Casino interior décor implementation process included the perimeter wall mural band & wood trims as well as the identifying signage. The custom printed mural artwork was designed to depict various tribal basket patterns in a variety of beautiful jewel-tone hues. Each of our murals are custom designed, and for this basket pattern we created the repeat at approximately 85′, making the repeat less noticeable and filling the space with color. Our murals are printed on a durable wall covering material in a high resolution full color process. This medium allows us to add interest to the walls and help tell the Tribes story through art. Each element of the design plan was created and pre-assembled at our quality controlled production facility, so the elements could come together in the most efficient way possible on-site. This allowed little or no downtime to the casino and created a beautiful new environment in just a few days.

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Pit River Casino | Interior Casino Design Renovation | Part 1

Photos of the Pit River Casino interior installation

This week, one of our installation teams headed back down to California, but this time it was to start the implementation phase of the interior décor package for the Pit River Casino. This implementation would complete the renovation that started with the exterior façade upgrade and create a beautiful lodge feel for the interior environment. The process began with the demolition of the existing casino restaurant half walls, removal of the existing signage, and new sheet rocking where needed. Our team then started the interior décor installation phase, the first component to be installed was the gaming floor mica chandeliers. Next, our team moved onto the new Sports Bar area which included wood dividing walls with a decorative privacy screen on top, stone columns spacers and a specialty overhead valance structure with red LED illumination. All of these design elements created a beautiful upgrade to the casino while being implemented in the most efficient way possible.

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Current Project: Gentle Dental Multiple Location – Décor & Signage Branding Package


Photo compilation of the various Gentle Dental locations, by I-5 Design & ManufactureWe are currently working on a décor & signage branding changeover for multiple locations of the Gentle Dental Dentistry chain. Gentle Dental is an extensive network of neighborhood dental practitioners with over 130 locations nationwide. About eight years ago the Gentle Dental team brought I-5 in to coordinate the décor & signage branding packages for their many locations. We have been working closely with them ever since to make the branding process as quick and efficient as possible for each location. Over time the logo artwork has changed and the color palette has been adjusted, but one thing remains constant – I-5 is ready to take care of their every need.  From design renderings that are included in lease documents, permitting, manufacture,  installation coordination, and innovative solutions to site specific issues that may arise, we create smooth, well coordinated projects that come together in the most efficient manner possible. The Gentle Dental representative in charge of these projects recently let a landlord know  “I-5 is a company that I’ve been using for many years to provide high quality signage for us.  It’s a welcome relief to have a vendor I can trust to get the job done.”

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Pit River Casino Installation Completion

Before and After photos of the Pit River Casino

The Pit River Casino exterior façade design & upgrade is complete and the final effect is a warm lodge style entrance structure with clear signage identification to lure casino-goers back again and again. Before, the use of a monotone wood over the entire porte cochere combined with spindly support pillars and block concrete bases as accents gave the casino an entry that left much to be desired and had an unbalanced feeling. To fix the understated styling of the existing porte cochere, I-5 created massive tapered stone columns as a support for the peaked roof structure above. We also created a sturdier look by lowering the face of the peak to allow a more prominent backdrop for the logo signage. The finished product is a welcoming lodge style entry which has a timeless appearance for this casino property.

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Pit River Casino | Exterior Project Completion

Photos of the complete exterior upgrade for the Pit River Casino.

Day 5 on site at Pit River Casino in Burney, California marked the completion of the exterior décor façade upgrade. The casino’s porte cochere structure was completely renovated using pre-fabricated components, created in our manufacturing facility, located in Lacey, WA. The porte cochere included a new peak structure and rock columns that fit over the existing building & pillars for a seamless integration and minimal structural changes. We also finished a brand new pylon sign complete with full color message center that is located directly on the highway that runs parallel to the casino in order to better attract the attention of passers-by. The installation was able to be completed while the casino remained open for business. We will be starting the interior décor upgrade at the Pit River Casino in a few weeks. Check back for more updates on the progress.

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Pit River Casino | Current Exterior Design Project | Part 3

Day 2 of the onsite implementation at the Pit River Casino in Burney, California brought the start of the masonry phase on the porte cochere façade structure including rock work being applied to the column framework and the concrete pour of the new planters at the bases of the columns. Day 2 also marked the beginning of the pylon sign assembly phase including the inspection approval by the county, steel poles in place and concrete footing poured. More install updates to come!

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Pit River Casino | Current Exterior Design Project | Part 2

Our installation team arrived on site at the Pit River Casino in northern California and began the implementation process for the complete Porte Cochere façade upgrade. They started out with the demolition phase, removing the existing sign and prepping for the component installation, then proceeded to unload the components and began the décor installation phase. By the end of the day the entrance sign was installed and wired, all of the column framework was installed, and then tar papered, lathed, and scratch coated ready for the rock application that will begin as the install progresses. Stay tuned for more updates as the install progresses!

Photos of the installation process for the Pit RIver Casino

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Pit River Casino | Current Exterior Design Project | Part 1

Photos of the exterior of the Pit River Casino

Last week, the completed Pit River Casino exterior décor components left our manufacturing facility via semi-truck to meet one of our installation teams on site, ready to begin the installation process. As with each project, our production and implementation crews worked together to ensure that every possible detail was taken care of in shop, so the installation would be smooth and efficient. This entire project started out with a request for a pole sign design which then went to the tribal council for approval and then to the local municipality for permitting. On this particular project our permit team had quite the challenge presented to them with the many requirements for the new sign. They were equal to the task and worked with the requirements to gain final approval. The council then asked our design team to come up with some conceptual sketches of what we envisioned for the exterior and interior of their casino. During the design process, our implementation manager performed a site survey to determine the existing conditions and exact dimensions of the facility. We built an accurate digital 3D model of the existing building and digitally applied all of the décor elements, ensuring that they would work with the existing structure. This was presented to the tribal council and was approved for production. Our production team took the 3D schematic drawings we created, and digitally converted them into manufacturing files for our cutting-edge computer controlled fabrication equipment. This close collaboration between design and production creates decor elements that look better than the design and creates vibrant, engaging environments. All of the decor worked within the restrictions of the existing porte cochere, so no structural changes were needed for the Pit River Casino to gain a beautiful exterior upgrade.

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