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Photo of the Day | Lake of the Torches Casino

Photo of the Woody's Bar and Grill bar renovation

Recently we have been preforming interior and exterior decor renovations for several areas inside of the Lake of the Torches Casino, located in Lac du Flambeau, Wisconsin. This is part of the Woody’s Bar and Grill where we designed, manufactured and installed everything from the multi-tiered ceiling element that was suspended from the ceiling and housed concealed red LED lighting, to the custom amber mica pendants, rock columns, counter top and facing and more. The new look for the bar and grill was designed to produce a warm and inviting, lodge-style atmosphere that would complement the deep woods of Wisconsin, as well as provide a place that would welcome new and repeat customers.

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Woodies Café on the Santa Cruz Wharf, CA | Restaurant Décor Design & Implementation | Exterior Façade Upgrade | Installed in one day

“Woodies on the Wharf” is a world-renowned event that brings “woodies-car” enthusiasts with their classic vehicles from all over the country to the Santa Cruz Wharf in California every year. Located right on the wharf is a small restaurant called “Woodies Café”. Our client wanted a new look for the exterior that would be aesthetically pleasing and attract the attention of visitors to the pier, rather than blending into its surroundings. I-5 was a perfect fit for this project, creating a stylized themed design for an entrance structure which could be pre-fabricated in our manufacturing facility, shipped, and installed on site. By planning the implementation for maximum efficiency during the manufacture process, our installation team was able to transform the entry in under one day! By creating an arched entry structure, we added a unique architectural element which adds visual interest to the long straight lines of the existing building. We also used a pleasant color palette of aquas, rusts and golds in conjunction with natural stone bases, wood piling columns, and rope accents, which come together to create a timeless, inviting feel that fits in well with the surrounding wharf. One of the featured themed elements are the custom hand shaped wooden long boards that are installed onto the face of the columns. The final touch is the internally illuminated lettering and background oval containing “woodies” artwork so the café is easily identified and visually appealing, even from a distance.

Photos of the Woodies Cafe located in Santa Cruz, CA

Woodies Cafe in Santa Cruz, CA - from concept to completion

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Lake of the Torches Casino & Resort | Woody’s Bar & Grill Complete Renovation in under 2 Weeks!

The Woody’s Bar & Grill, located inside of the Lake of the Torches Casino & Resort in Lac Du Flambeau, Wisconsin; wanted a unique, rustic, backwoods look to help set the bar/eating area apart from the rest of the casino, while continuing to tie into the overall nature theme. To accomplish this, I-5 Design & Manufacture created a new design plan which provided a completely new environment within the space while also incorporating existing elements in order to stay within the limited budget. The new décor elements included a cantilevered multi-tiered valance over the bar that houses red LED illumination, river rock stone columns, custom nature-themed mica luminaires (pine-cone sconces, pine-cone pendants and wildlife chandeliers), custom carpet, half wall mica screen décor, specialty metal counter facings with LED down-lighting, corrugated metal wall sheeting, new brick red wall tiles, internally illuminated signage, custom wall coverings that created a Northwoods cabin feel, and various framed artwork & memorabilia from “stars” who have visited the casino. All of the elements worked together to create an inviting nature-inspired “get-away” for the casino goers as they take a break from gaming to have a drink or snack. The entire installation from demolition to completion was accomplished by our team in under 2 weeks so that the restaurant could be back up and running as quickly as possible!

Woodies Bar and Grill Project Implementation

Woodies Bar & Grill in the Lake of the Torches Casino

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