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Seamless Project Implementation

During the manufacturing phase of a project, our production managers work closely with the client to create a detailed installation schedule that will be the most time efficient and cause the least disruption to customer flow. To ensure the most productivity on-site, all of the décor is preassembled in our shop and systematically loaded into the installation truck that is shipped to the job location. Many times, to avoid excess downtime to high-traffic venues, our expert installation crews work at night, and/or section off small areas at a time. By communicating with the client throughout all phases of the project, the upgrade can be completed in a shorter time period, with no hassle to the facility. The outcome: a great looking venue and happy customers.

Here’s a quote from one of our customers:
“Having a group of guys climbing around in front of the doors all day could cause a real inconvenience for customers, but I-5 made it almost seamless and didn’t interfere with a single customer that I saw or heard about. Thank you.”

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Unique Design – Again and again

With so many interpretations as to what makes a quality, theme-based, design for a retail project, what is the true key? What makes a unique, yet well-planned design which creates an environment that is right for the customer-base at a particular location? Here are 5 of several key factors which come in to play.

1. Does the client want to create a comfortable atmosphere using a regional theme common to the area or its population, or does the client want a destination or retail environment that is different than most or all of the other retail business in the area?

2. How visible is the location from any major streets or traffic patterns, and can a plan be created which causes the location to “jump” out from the crowd and maximize impact for all vehicular and pedestrian traffic?

3. Certain color palettes or combinations of decor elements create what different client bases would understand as “comfortable” or, “inviting”. What is the predominant customer base and what elements will create the right atmosphere for them?

4. Is there a greater emphasis on creating a “wow” for the atmosphere to attract customers and create revenue, or is a more efficient plan more important?

5. Is there an architectural element or iconic feature that can be created outside the building including programable color-changing lighting that will help to keep the location interesting and memorable? This can allow for seasonal and other marketing programs that will keep impact and interest for the business making it a destination for the area.

Each project we work on is unique, but these and other questions shape the ideas which go into creating a design plan. Although the needs of the customers may be different, our goal remains the same; create a memorable environment which generates excellent return on investment for our customers.

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Casino design | a video is worth a million words

It has been said “If a picture is worth a thousand words, then a video is worth a million.” We’ve found that saying to be very true in designing beautiful spaces for our customers. Renderings are worth a thousand descriptions and adding video to the mix allows for an exponential improvement in the ability to communicate the end result of a transformation or new area design plan. We use advanced 3D modeling software to create realistic models of the spaces we design and once the design plan has been completed, for certain projects a video rendering is what is used to show how each area can work together. Our team created the video in this post to illustrate how each step of our design process is thought through in order to create a plan which looks beautiful, will come together efficiently, and look even better in real life.

Aaron C.
I-5 Design
Project Blogger

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In shop pre-construction makes remodel a special event

Photo of efficient casino exterior remodel | Comanche Nation Casino

Have you ever been excited about an upcoming renovation project – visualized how great it could look, pictured yourself there, and hoped it would be everything you dreamed of? Everyone wants their remodel to be perfect, to go smoothly and look outstanding, and as much as you would like it to be that way, many times it is not. Somehow, unforeseen problems come up; you have to shut down parts of your business due to the work, additional costs begin to stack up, timeframe is longer than expected, and the list could go on. But not at I-5 Design and Manufacture. Here, we’ve created systems that make construction a very special event. We prefabricate as much of the project in shop, adhering to site-specific measurements, which makes the on-site installation seamless and uniform. When our expert installers arrive on-location, all of the custom-built décor elements are there, basically just needing secured into place. Here at I-5, we specialize in renovations that completely transform the look and atmosphere of your venue with little or no downtime to your business. No more months of headaches, just a one time, high impact makeover; the way a remodel should always be.

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Creating worlds through color

Photos showing different lighting applications

When our designers are working on a project, it is important that they work very closely with the client to find out exactly what they are envisioning. Many times clients will ask for a specific mood or feeling to be created, but are not sure where to begin. This is where a color palette is introduced; a very crucial aspect of every design. Did you know that different color choices produce different moods or atmospheres? For example: a yellow and orange color palette would produce a warm feel, while blue and white hues can produce a relaxed and fresh feel. When we designed the Soboba Casino in San Jacinto, California, we used yellow and earth tones to create a warm, welcoming feel. Light blues and forest green hues played a key part in the fresh, and almost river-like atmosphere we produced for the Little Creek Casino. In every project that we work on, our designers are continually thinking of ways to apply the color palette so that the desired atmosphere is created.

Jim H.
I-5 Project Blogger

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Heritage Bank Multiple Location Changeover – Case Study

Photos and designs of various Heritage Bank locations

Heritage Bank is a regional bank that has been serving the Pacific Northwest with financial solutions since 1927, and so far they have 28 locations from Wilsonville, Oregon to Seattle, Washington. We have been assisting them on their many location’s design & signage needs for nearly 20 years now. Most recently we have been helping them with numerous branch acquisition projects. Our main undertaking in these projects is to make the changeover as smooth as possible, so the bank’s coordination team doesn’t have to think about the logistics of the branding and can focus on the other aspects of the process. This means that we determine the most effective décor & signage plan and factor in everything from sign code constraints for various municipalities, to enhancing and complementing the various architectural features of the new location. After careful consideration by our design team and input from our production foremen, we create artistic conceptual drawings for each branch that are submitted for approval both to the bank and to the city. On approval of these drawings our production team translates the design into shop drawings which are used to systematically produce each designed element. This production line system ensures every detail is just right, from using the I-5 ultra-brite white LED system for optimum illumination, to custom painting detail elements on signage and decor so that they perfectly match the Heritage Bank branding colors. As the final step, the installation is carefully coordinated to provide the least amount of disruption to bank operations. The end result is bank branches that may vary in location and architectural features but are easily identified by their cohesive décor and signage packages making “Heritage Bank, the quality bank” the bank destination of choice for the community.

Paige R.
Design Consultant
I-5 Design

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