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What are the key factors in a bank design?

Interior Bank Design

When designing a bank, there are key factors to take into consideration in order to give customers a feeling of assurance and trust in you. A bank design should create a calm atmosphere that is genuine and natural. At the Washington Business Bank, located in Olympia, Washington, we used an earthy color palette and incorporated materials such as rock and tile to help produce the organic ambiance. To add interest to the interior space we designed an angled counter that is inset with illuminated, textured resin panels to provide warmth and tie into the bank logo. Custom light fixtures above the teller counter were also used to provide warmth and large windows at the entrance add to the natural glow. To emphasize personalized customer service and care, we designed a comfortable coffee bar and seating area, using the same maple wood finish to provide unity throughout the space. All of these elements that we chose for the Washington Business Bank helped to create the warm and inviting atmosphere they were looking to achieve, that would draw in current customers as well as welcome new financial prospects.

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LED Lighting For Your Casino Venue

LED Lighting Examples_I-5 Design

One of the elements that we incorporate into many of our designs is LED lighting. Among many other benefits, LED’s can be used for interior and exterior applications, making the possibilities of creativity infinite. In many cases, the lights are fully programmable which allows a wide array of colors to be displayed, and some can even play high-resolution video files. Consequently, this advanced technology allows for an assortment of looks to be created by the same fixture, and a wide array of moods or atmospheres when multiple fixtures are compiled. In Albuquerque New Mexico, at the Route 66 Casino, I-5 used LED technology for the Envy Nightlife décor upgrade. A compelling entrance structure assembled with interwoven oval pieces is equipped with color changing lighting to draw customers from all corners of the casino and produce an exciting mood. Inside of the nightclub we created a custom designed oval element that is suspended from the ceiling and houses 400 lineal feet of LED lighting, which changes colors, plays large scale video files, and pulses to the beat of the music. A similar experience was created for the Comanche Nation Casino, located in Lawton, Oklahoma. For this casino, we installed LED lighting on the exterior wall in a lighting pattern that changed colors to add interest and drama. At the Oaklawn Jockey Club we created a customized entrance structure to enhance the existing building design and maximize the look of the space. This is what the owner of the Jockey Club said about the project:

“People are just out there staring at the sign, it is just absolutely perfect. It makes a world of difference on that front. I just don’t know how you could have done it any better; the colors match so well, the size and everything. It is very exciting, I sure appreciate it.” Mac Core – Owner

Jim H.
I-5 Design
Project Blogger

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Grocery Store Project Update

Grocery Store Interior Upgrade

To create an entertaining and welcoming grocery store environment, I-5 Design and Manufacture chose a bright color palette that would draw customers into the space and provide them with a unique shopping experience. Some of the most interesting elements of the interior are the feature walls. These walls are slightly beveled, which adds a depth and dimension, as well as color coordination so that you can easily tell where each department is located. Large stainless steel coated letters are mounted to a wooden valance with concealed lighting designed to mirror the department’s overall color scheme. Hanging from the ceiling are decorative banners that reflect the department products, while drawing the eye downward to the merchandise below. A simple design was chosen for the check-stand markers to provide a clean and fresh look at the entrance of the store. The feel that was achieved for this venue is warm and inviting with a slightly modern edge that adds to the overall appeal and unity.

Laura S.
Project Blogger
I-5 Design & Manufacture

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