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Cherokee Nation Fort Gibson Casino | Exterior Casino Design

fort gibson exterior casino design

The geometric exterior design of Fort Gibson Casino has bold elements that create an authentic feel. The lower half of the building consists of rustic architectural stone.  As the main feature of the exterior casino design, the lights shining on the upper half of the building change colors gradually to add interest and mix with the casino’s earthy color palette that continues into the interior design Fort Gibson Casino’s exterior and interior designs are brought together by their natural color palettes and historical inspiration.

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Cherokee Nation Fort Gibson Casino | New Casino Construction

Fort Gibson Interior Decor Design

With historical inspiration and a warm earthy toned color palette this new casino construction was brought from a conceptual design sketch to reality. Working as the designer, manufacturer and general contractor every detail and every aspect of this project was carried through to the opening of the facility leaving the Fort Gibson Casino looking even better in reality!


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What makes your design unique? | Custom Chandeliers & Lighting Design

Custom Lighting DesignWhat makes your design unique?

From concept to completion each decor element is carefully thought out and every detail supports the overall design theme. Lighting design is a crucial element to any venue. I-5 has created a system to ensure that the lighting for your venue creates the right atmosphere and supports the overall design theme for your facility. With custom designed frames inset with warm multi colored panels complete with the I5 UltraBright lighting system, your chandeliers and lighting elements are now a focus of the design, highlighting specific tones in the other decor elements and creating an inviting ambience.

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Quinault Beach Resort & Casino | Roadside Structure | Casino Sign Design, Production, Implementation

Quinault Roadside StructureQuinalt Beach Resort & Casino in Washington wanted to renovate their entrance archway.  Utilizing the existing structure, I-5 produced and implemented a new casino sign design to highlight their brand and welcome customers to their resort and casino. I-5 wrapped the existing columns to create a more modern look, removed the outdated neon band, added new illuminated signage and re-finished the remaining structure to match the existing color palette and them throughout the casino and resort.


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