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McLendon | Exterior Design & Interior Branding Signage

McLendon Exterior Sign Package

I-5 Design took the signature McLendon logo and created exterior design and interior branding signage that would continue the branding and bringing a little class to hardware shopping. Utilizing the McLendon blue and orange in the brand signage, we incorporated deep wood finished beams and trusses for the exterior pylon and entrance structure, to create a modern, industrial atmosphere. Installing the I-5 UltraBrite lighting system into all the signage and pylon cabinets ensured maximum day/night visibility.

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NEW Casino Portfolio Page | Pauma Casino Design | Create | Implement

Casino Pauma Exterior Design Create Implement

We have posted the casino designs and photos of the progress of one of our most recent projects – Casino Pauma. Now that the renovation is complete, we are excited to have added this new project page to our casino portfolio. Casino Pauma has multiple venues within the property – Red Parrot Lounge, Triple Seven Bar, Asian Noodle Bar, Buffet & Cafe – which were all included in the complete casino design and renovation.  The 12 year old tent structure is now an exciting and welcoming gaming environment and destination in Pauma Valley California.

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Moo la-la | Restaurant Design

Moo la-la Restaurant Design Wanting to create a new restaurant design and brand, Moo la-la came to I-5 for a complete interior and exterior conceptual decor design. Combining rustic and modern elements the design provided a recognizable logo and decor elements that supported the overall theme. The textured wall coverings,  seating specifications, flooring, pendent lights etc… were all customized and coupled to create a one-of-a-kind, rustic ice cream and dessert parlor.

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Meconi’s Subs | Sign Design, Create, Implement

Meconi's Sub Sign Design and installtioanIf you are a local Olympian you know how amazing Meconi’s Subs really are and are glad to hear they are opening more locations! Meconi’s contracted with I-5 to create the sign design, build and implement plan for their new locations.

The installation for the Hawk’s Prairie location was completed on Friday and looks great! With I-5’s UltraBrite lighting system internally illuminating the push-thru letters and multi-colored face the sign has maximum day/nighttime visibility day.


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