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Elements of Architectural Design

We hope that you have enjoyed our new site and have taken the time to explore some of our new features. We now have “hot spots” on our casino design projects main image. By clicking on the plus sign that hovers over the architectural elements you are brought to a hidden page that talks more about our custom elements. Specializing in utilizing existing structures and creating unique and custom decor elements that fit the space, I-5 transforms properties into creative and entertaining destinations.

Some of the elements that you will see in our designs, which have been customized and fabricated for each property include: 

Overhead-Ceiling-Chandelier Chandeliers & Lighting Design – Custom chandeliers are a hallmark of I-5’s innovative approach to theming and décor design. With years of research, we have identified top-quality, specialty materials that set our fixtures apart while making them distinctly suited to the venue and theme for which they are designed. Read more about I-5’s wall chandeliers and lighting design at

pauma Architectural Columns – As an integral part of many retail environments, columns have the distinct ability to provide both an anchoring architectural effect as well as significant visual impact. I-5 is well-versed in the full spectrum of architectural column designs for both interior and exterior applications. Read more about I-5’s wall architectural columns at

Purple-Etched-Metal-Valance EtchedMetal – EtchedMetal is a premium surfacing solution that has revolutionized architectural décor. Offering a virtually unlimited scope of patterns and color combinations, our custom surface application provides endless possibilities for your design.Read more about I-5’s wall EtchedMetal at

duckcreek Flooring – Our design team borrows from the overall design theme and creates a unique pattern that pulls together all the specialty colors and established the new design theme. As an example, Duck Creek Casino was designed with a creekside design theme, combining colors from a mallard duck and the elements you would see in a riverbed.Read more about I-5’s flooring at

big-dex Half Walls – Favored because they require no structural building changes, half walls can define entirely new areas within a larger setting or serve as a room divider, creating intimate areas within the space.Read more about I-5’s half walls at

choctaw Valance and Ceiling Elements – Like all of I-5’s décor elements, valances are designed to support the venue’s overall design theme—whether that be a natural organic scheme with a valance that winds like a river, or a more modern theme incorporating a geometric shape.Read more about I-5’s valances and ceiling elements  at

IForm---Poker-Mural---buffet-cafe-mural Wall Coverings & Murals – Taking ordinary to extraordinary, our creative team crafts original pictorial design expressions; we also provide noteworthy artwork or photography. Whatever the visual style, wall murals are a great way to add graphic impact to any space. Read more about I-5’s wall coverings and murals at

Players Club Signage – The heart of successful signage lies in skilled material selection, distinctive lettering, and proper size and scaling. We know exactly how to use each material to its best advantage, creating one-of-a-kind messaging designs that demand attention and delight the eye. Read more about I-5’s signage at

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Muscogee Creek Nation Casino | Casino Design & Renovation

casino design

The Muscogee Casino, owned by the Creek Nation of Oklahoma, originally opened as a bingo hall and had not been upgraded for many years. I 5 created a unified casino design theme throughout the property, incorporating rich wood and amber finishes with cool blue lighting throughout the space. In addition to designing the overall look of upgraded interior, I-5 also executed the renovation phase of the project, ensuring the least amount of impact to customers and the maximum efficiency for the implementation. A new central bar with an impressive array of  beams was implemented over a single weekend, (see the video of this installation here) and the rest of the interior implementation was completed in just 4 weeks onsite.

Please visit the project portfolio to see the project portfolio with more photos and a complete project description. Also, feel free to check out two additional casino design and renovation projects we have completed for the Creek Nation – Duck Creek Casino and One Fire Casino

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Casino Renovation | Installation Phase

casino renovation

During the in-house manufacturing phase, we also involve our implementation team, who makes all of the necessary infrastructure adjustments and any needed build-out work to ensure a highly efficient installation phase. The high levels of collaboration between our departments through all phases of a project, creates a scenario where we are able to meet or, in many cases, shorten onsite schedules while minimizing downtime to day-to-day casino operations.

As the onsite preparations are being completed, our implementation team meets the design elements arriving onsite. On-site work can include any and all necessary HVAC and electrical adjustments, needed build-outs to create completely new spaces, custom flooring and new wall and ceiling treatments. The on-site work is typically performed on the live gaming floor, with clear pathways to ensure the best visual performance of the renovation and safety for your casino guest. With detailed planning and coordination, the implementation of the specialty decor, signage, lighting, artwork, ceiling features, valance elements, etc; can be completed in extremely efficient timeframes without any compromise to the overall quality of the project.

We have a deep portfolio and track record of completing successful projects on, or ahead of schedule with a very little interruption to the casino staff and guest. Feel free to look over some of our recent casino renovation projects that include signature food and beverage areas, memorable gaming floor environments, as well as dramatic upgrades to casino exteriors.

Casino Renovation in Oklahoma- Duck Creek Casino, Cherokee Fort Gibson

Casino Renovation in New Mexico – Isleta Casino, Envy Nightlife,

Casino Renovation in Michigan – Leelanau Sands Casino

Casino Renovation in California – Casino Pauma

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Casino Renovation | Building Phase

cim chandelierCustom Designed Chandeliers

When starting a re-design and casino renovation or a new construction project you don’t just need a pretty picture. You need a team to build and implement your designs working with subcontractors to provide you with an entirely new environment.

Because your design is “one-of-a-kind” and was created to fit your space and utilize existing structures, I-5 uses a truly unique multi-disciplined approach to building a new design concept providing the most streamlined process for your project. The build-out begins off-site at our facility with our in-house team pre-fabricating the specialty decor and theming elements, as well as unique architectural and lighting elements. Each element of the design is fabricated directly from the digital design files using our precision computerized equipment to ensure absolute integrity of the design. The finest quality materials and finishes are used to create an extremely durable product capable of handling the daily stresses of a casino environment.

In-house fabrication also allows for the integration of LED lighting and specialty applied finishes with precision that is not possible onsite, creating the best impact and interest within the space. Large architectural elements are also pre-assembled in our facility so that specialty components such as lighting and the overall presentation can be fine tuned prior to implementation on-site.

I-5’s “Concept to Completion” strategy focuses on the efficiency of your project with minimum downtime to operations at the property. The collaboration between our design and implementation teams not only ensures complete design intent and consistency throughout the entire project but also provides a smooth transition between each phase of your project.

To see additional examples of the prefabrication process visit some of our project pages: Casino Pauma, One Fire Casino, Cherokee Fort Gibson

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