Our Approach

The I-5 architectural team builds on the creative efforts of our designers, validating the feasibility of design elements, converting ideas to well thought out plans. All architecture models are built in 3D, using the most advanced technology to drive quality, creating final plan drawings that produce a highly efficient onsite installation that brings to life the impact that each project deserves.

Bar Design - 4 Bears Casino, photo of bar design mock up

Value Through Technology

At I-5, our approach, which applies the latest technology to provide value to each client extends beyond our design team. Our architectural team starts every project by taking a 3D point cloud scan of the existing space. As early adopters, the I-5 architectural team has had years to refine this process. Scans that used to take a team of five specialists a few days now take one person just a few hours, and are accurate to within a few millimeters. Once these scans are complete, our team uses the latest technology in BIM software and tailors it to each project’s unique scope by taking a beautiful, high impact design and delivering an accurate plan for our production team.

Delivering Expertise to our Clients

At I-5, projects aren’t handed off from the design team to the architectural team- they are a collaboration that began 20 years ago and continues each day. Every morning, all members on the design, architectural, and production teams meet at our download meetings to communicate their progress on the current project. They bring up challenges that they’re experiencing in order to come up with an executable solution as a whole. This collaboration is a big piece of the value that I-5 delivers to clients. We provide value by having excellent architects and draftsmen who work collaboratively to apply smart solutions for the different needs at each of the locations we design. Our team holds certifications throughout much of the US and we continue to expand that market, creating well planned and efficient projects, as our clients needs require.

Bar Design - 4 Bears Casino, photo of bar design mock up