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Hiatt Pontiac GMC | Exterior Sign Re-Branding


Hiatt Pontiac GMC’s building did little to draw customers. Their entrance was practically hidden and their red exterior sign blended into the brown building. I-5 designed a new color scheme as well as an entrance structure which allowed their signage to be installed higher for much better impact from the street. The entrance structure was installed as a single component minimizing the amount of time that the facility needed to be closed. It was completed in one day. I-5 also designed the Hiatt Pontiac GMC truck center as a prototype for their new look. A 3D model was constructed to see the design from all viewpoints.

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Harv’s Carwash | Exterior Conceptual Design


Harv’s Car Wash franchise needed an exciting new exterior and interior remodel for their facilities. The owner wanted an eye-catching, fun and exciting theme with a slightly different twist. He also wanted to create a brand identity which incorporated some element of the Harv’s name. For the car wash’s exterior design we implemented a new monogram logo in their signage and design, bright colors in bold patterns painted on the building, aluminum cornice moldings, brightly colored banners, etc. For the interior car wash remodel we applied a custom ceiling fixture with the new monogram logo, new custom department signage, “bubble” wall paper in the customer service area, and orange/rust toned wall colors to tie it all together.

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Gold River Casino | Interior Casino Design

Gold River Casino_Interior Casino Design_Gaming Floor

Project Objectives

Gold River Casino brought in I-5 Design and Manufacture to create a new conceptual casino design that would update the overall visual impression of their property, and transform the entire location into a local destination.

Design and finished product highlights

I-5’s design team incorporated important elements from the Delaware Tribe’s culture to create a theme that would be established on the gaming floor, then flow throughout the rest of the casino. Using architectural stone, wood columns and specialty-patterned metals, the areas designated for the cashier, players club and restaurant were clearly identified and differentiated. Special features included:

• Custom wall murals, which add dimension and interest to the space while incorporating the new color palette

• Custom-designed carpet, which ties together décor elements and adds color and boldness underfoot

• Specialty lighting sconces and chandeliers, prominently featuring the tribe’s logo and patterns

• In the restaurant area, an outdated ’50s style café was turned into an appealing, contemporary casual dining

Additionally, Gold River’s new Lenape Lounge was created from the ground up within an existing unused storage space, adding an additional venue for the casino and an opportunity to attract new customers. Décor elements here included:

 • A sizable overhead wood beam structure

• Specialty patterned metal finishes featuring I-5’s exclusive EtchedMetal process

• Integrated mica chandeliers

• A raised stage area for live entertainment

Production and implementation

After key décor elements were produced at I-5’s own manufacturing facility, Gold River’s entire upgrade was implemented by the I-5 installation team—including carpet removal and installation—within 2 weeks, while the casino remained open.


This complete remodel perfectly brought to life the intent of the design, thanks to the continuity of I-5’s in-house design, fabrication, and installation teams and capabilities. Each distinct area within the casino is beautifully executed and integrated into the overall design, including strategic gaming device placement for optimum traffic and flow, and the inviting feel of the new Lenape Lounge.

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Emily’s Bistro | Restaurant Design



I-5 Design and Manufacture was asked to develop a conceptual restaurant design plan for a proposed dining venue that would offer more than just a typical restaurant experience—including multiple space-use options.

Design highlights

Designing from the ground up, I-5 brought together materials and layout ideas that would provide customers a variety of dining and seating options, while conveying a casual yet sophisticated atmosphere. Distinct areas included:

• A cozy living-room type setting at one end of the venue, featuring a stone fireplace and comfortable seating

• Informal table and counter seating

• A more private raised seating area

• A tele-conference center for group meetings and gatherings

• Casual outdoor seating with overhead trellis

Décor elements featured:

• Custom entrance design and signage with arched roof and flanking brick-based columns

• Interior stone and mixed wood accents

• Pendant and directional lighting

• Wall mural artwork


The client was pleased with I-5’s innovative design plan, which created a handsome, contemporary and welcoming dining venue while also offering a variety of usage possibilities for customers.

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Peninsula Credit Union | Pacific Northwest Bank Design



Updated signage design, manufacturing and implementation were requested for all branch locations of Peninsula Credit Union throughout the Pacific Northwest.

Design and finished product highlights

To bring a fresh, contemporary character to Peninsula Credit Union’s signage update, I-5 created a new, standardized signage system that gave extra support to their branding. Highlights included:

• Dimensional lettering and special freestanding graphic treatment of Peninsula’s signature fern branch image

• Both building- and pylon-mounted signage options

Production and implementation

I-5 provided design, manufacturing and implementation of all signage for each branch location, ensuring streamlined installation schedules and continuity of the bank design.


Peninsula Credit Union’s distinctive logo and visual identity are well recognized throughout its market area, thanks to signage that showcases the financial company’s graphic brand.

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Stellar Coffee | Pacific Northwest Retail Design



Concept planning and franchise design was requested for Stellar Coffee, including retail location interior layout and décor.

Design highlights

A modern and engaging retail design scheme was created for both exterior signage and interior spaces. Throughout, contemporary materials, colors and forms were prominently featured, and seating areas were defined by a flowing layout. Design highlights included:

• Graphic exterior signage with contemporary dimensional letters and a signature logo design

• A distinctive counter area, showcasing a slate counter face and curving, overhead gridded band with wood beams
and black steel rods

• Dimensional letters affixed to the curving overhead band

• A combination of custom deep purple carpet and stained concrete flooring

• Wrought iron railing to define a more intimate seating area


I-5’s thoughtful and well-planned design captured the easy-flowing ambience the client was hoping for, in a modern, stylish design.

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St. Kitts Experience | Restaurant Design



I-5 Design and Manufacture was asked to design a comprehensive décor environment for this lively themed restaurant, located in one of the Caribbean’s favorite vacation destinations.

Design and finished product highlights

Developing a restaurant design theme around pirate ships and sea brigandry, I-5 was able to create an entertaining escape for guests in both the restaurant and lounge area. Major elements of the entertainment-focused environment included:

• 3-dimensional themed settings depicting engaging scenes

• Realistic, life-sized costumed figures

• Life-like plants, themed décor and landscaping

• Faux rocks and stone walls

• Artistic murals emulating natural skies and far sea horizons

• An overall sense of escape, fantasy and fun

Production and implementation

Except for the figures, décor elements were manufactured and implemented by I-5 Design, tying the unique interior theme together and making for a streamlined, efficient installation.


Guests are treated to a rollicking, lighthearted experience that takes dining from ordinary to extraordinary. I-5’s “concept to completion” advantage meant a smooth project execution and expedited schedule, from start to finish.

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Royal Casino Lounge Design


Themed bar and lounge concept design – New York

As part of the complete lounge design at Royal Casino, the lounge was designed to represent a fantasy underwater world. Rich colors and textures, flowing décor elements, custom lighting fixtures, and an integrated flooring design created this warm and exciting environment.

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