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Avenue Espresso | Retail Design in Lacey Washington


3D Retail storefront design – Lacey, WA

I-5 designed a façade upgrade for the multiple locations of this coffee kiosk/espresso stand enterprise to update their image and give them the look of a new building without building a brand new espresso stand. By adding aluminum columns with rock bases, canopies, window trims, menu boards, detailed color specifications for re-painting, and channel letter signs I-5 was able to completely transform each location.

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Crystal Palace Casino Design | Nassau, Bahamas

Crystal Palace Casino_Interior Casino Design_High Limits Design


The overall architecture of the Crystal Palace Casino lacked character, while the casino design plan had little visual interest. I-5 Design was asked to create an entirely new theme for the overall environment and specifically to bring renewed excitement to the gaming floor.

Design highlights

I-5’s design team embraced the client’s vision of transforming the casino into an underwater fantasy world, bringing to life the aquatic colors of the islands. Design elements and palettes quickly took on the essence of Neptune’s paradise, with undersea imagery as inspiration. A number of significant elements set the new tone, including:

• Oval signage above the entrance of each area, designed to capture the swirling “wave” theme while setting each
area apart. Instead of the typical internal illumination, animated chaser lights were added to border the signs and
draw attention to specific casino venues.

• Inspired by ocean currents, custom pillars cast a warm light through the specialty blue/green sculpted art panels,
onto aged brass trim above and below. A custom coral panel was installed in front of an illuminated band,
emulating deep red and gold coral. To finish the columns, a deeply textured, aquatic-inspired wall covering with a
deep red, gold and sea-green pattern was wrapped around each pillar underneath the coral band.

• A glass railing was added for additional privacy between floors. The etched, frosted vinyl overlay, which matched
the coral design on the pillars, was applied to one side of a translucent glass panel, allowing light to pass through.
This created an easy flow between casino floors while still keeping them separate.

• Flowing metal ceiling curtains added overhead depth and interest

• Seashell inspired chandeliers continued the theme


Client was impressed and pleased with the depth of thought and planning that went into I-5’s underwater casino design theme. From concept to complete design drawings, the casino design infused life and character and brought back excitement and entertainment to the venue.

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What are the key factors in a bank design?

Interior Bank Design

When designing a bank, there are key factors to take into consideration in order to give customers a feeling of assurance and trust in you. A bank design should create a calm atmosphere that is genuine and natural. At the Washington Business Bank, located in Olympia, Washington, we used an earthy color palette and incorporated materials such as rock and tile to help produce the organic ambiance. To add interest to the interior space we designed an angled counter that is inset with illuminated, textured resin panels to provide warmth and tie into the bank logo. Custom light fixtures above the teller counter were also used to provide warmth and large windows at the entrance add to the natural glow. To emphasize personalized customer service and care, we designed a comfortable coffee bar and seating area, using the same maple wood finish to provide unity throughout the space. All of these elements that we chose for the Washington Business Bank helped to create the warm and inviting atmosphere they were looking to achieve, that would draw in current customers as well as welcome new financial prospects.

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North Country Casino | Casino Design in Oklahoma

North Country Casino_Interior Casino Design_Stage


Oklahoma’s North Country Casino asked I-5 to provide a comprehensive interior casino design. Their goal was to create a destination for potential guests traveling along a nearby major highway.

Design highlights

Taking cues from the natural beauty of the land surrounding the casino, I-5’s designers created an extensive casino design plan, which focused on visual impact while bringing outdoor elements inside. Within the gaming environment, color schemes and décor elements were employed which gave the casino’s interior the warmth and feeling of an endless summer. Key features included:

• Massive wooden beams and flanking columns with stone bases added to the craftsman style of the exterior,
providing visual interest from the nearby highway

• Themed decor structures for the players club, cashier and lounge areas were developed which built on the overall
concept and tied the entire gaming floor together into a cohesive theme

• Custom carpet and wall mural elements were designed to showcase elements of the tribe’s history and culture,
and to reinforce the overall design direction


Client was pleased with I-5’s design, which brought in natural elements of the surrounding landscape.

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Red River Casino | Comanche Nation Casino Design in Oklahoma

Comanche Nation Casino_Red River_Interior Casino Design_Walk Way


Comanche Nation Casinos asked I-5 Design and Manufacture to create a vivacious new image for their Red River Casino property, including an exciting, high-end exterior entrance and a revitalized interior décor.

Design highlights

Working within the overall design themes of the Comanche Nation family of gaming facilities, the I-5 team came up with a distinctive, color-infused scheme for Red River that gave it a signature personality. The iconic motif of life-size bronze horses provided focal décor points both inside and at the exterior entrance. Casino design elements included:

• A stunning color palette of reds, purples, oranges and yellows

• New exterior facade design at multiple entrances, incorporating the Comanche Red River Casino logo; internally
illuminated three-dimensional signage; massive stone pillars and side walls; and dramatic lighting accents
programmed with animated effects

• Illuminated monument signs at key locations

• A new, 90-foot-tall main highway sign, with double-sided electronic messaging and video capacity

• Inside, rippling overhead metal-beaded curtains in purple, red and orange subtly direct traffic flow and showcase
the bronze horse sculpture

• Extensive use of proprietary I-5 sculpted wall panels in custom pattern designed for Comanche casinos

• Perimeter columns featuring stone bases, mica lighting fixtures and hammered copper accents

• Custom overhead valances throughout the gaming area, incorporating deep-hued metal and color-changing,
concealed LED lighting

• Custom diamond-shaped mica chandeliers


Comanche Nation Casino management was both impressed and thrilled by I-5’s ability to create a spectacularly elegant identity for Red River Casino, while incorporating decor accents that identified the property as part of the Comanche Nation Casino family.

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Tops Mart | Retail Design


3D Interior retail design – Chapel Hill, NC

This convenience store in North Carolina wanted their interior design to showcase the famous lighthouses in their geographic area. I-5 created themed interior decor which included full height wall murals of three famous lighthouses, valances with a printed beach scene, a hanging wood grid for the self service area, logo design, department lettering, etc. I-5 also assisted with the material and color selections for the entire store design, including flooring layouts, counters and countertops, wall colors and case selections. The store now has the look of an ocean side shop while still giving their customers the speed of the convenience store that Tops Mart is.

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Mitsequah Café | Restaurant Design




As part of conceptual restaurant design and planning for a dining venue within a client’s casino property, I-5’s designers created an interior space plan and décor scheme.

Design highlights

Celebrating iconic Native American heritage and imagery, I-5’s themed interior incorporated rich visual cues using natural materials, traditional color palettes, and artifact-like elements. Décor features included:

• High-impact, two-sided panels made of rawhide laced to wooden poles with leather ties, anchored by stone bases

• Wall murals highlighting revered figures in Native American history and familiar Northwest landscapes

• Wall panels featuring Native-design woven blankets


I-5’s design for Mistequah Café blended vibrant tribal imagery with optimal space planning to create an appealing themed venue plan which was well received by the client.

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Veldman’s Car Wash | Retail Design


Veldman’s Car Wash needed an exciting new exterior and interior look for their location that would also create a well-branded image for future expansion. The owners wanted a retail design plan that created a warm, inviting environment that also portrayed a slightly upscale appearance. The exterior image was transformed by adding an architectural stone base, built out entry pillars with integrated sconces, accented window awnings, new valance structure with silver trim accents, silver metallic arched cap over entry, and new oval shaped internally illuminated custom sign. The open interior offered bright wall murals to accent each area, and incorporated curved overhead elements to tie into the exterior façade changes.

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