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Eagles Landing Hotel | Exterior Signage


Building off of the client’s need for exterior signage that tied into the overall branding of the property, I-5 incorporated their “eagle” logo element into the design plan. Rustic stone pillars, artisan crafted metal elements, and a natural color palette complimented the existing architectural features of the hotel and further enforced the natural Northwest feel.

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Lakewood Square | Starbucks Coffee | Retail Design


Our in-house retail design and production team works together to provide “well thought out” projects that minimize installation time and problems. We make the signs and facades at our shop. Our install crew then brings the signs to the specific location and installs them.

This project included exterior signage design, channel letters, facade upgrade, and an entryway peak.

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Bank of America | Bank Design



A region-wide, time-sensitive bank design and signage changeover was needed for new Bank of America locations throughout the Pacific Northwest.

Design and finished product highlights

Utilizing Bank of America’s brand-specific graphics, I-5 created and implemented signage that offered optimum day and nighttime visibility and impact. The signage plan included:

• ATM-specific signage

• Canopy signage

• Pylon signs

• Monument signs

• A variety of complementary exterior signage executions

Production and implementation

I-5’s one-source advantage of providing design, manufacturing and implementation helped streamline the installation process, and accomplished a complete signage changeover at multiple locations within Bank of America’s short timeline.


The client was highly satisfied with I-5’s ability to provide a comprehensive signage transformation across multiple locations in such a limited amount of time.

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Anchor Bank Design & Signage Plan


For small bank locations inside of stores we make solutions to create beautiful, high quality, efficient decor and signage. From impressive exterior bank design and signage to classy interior decor and signage, we work with you to develop your style.

“It is with great pleasure that I recommend I-5 Design & Manufacture. Since the first sign order in 1991, I have had numerous occasions to work with I-5 including signage for 10 new Anchor Bank branches and buildings, installation of signs at four Wal-Mart in-store branches, as well as a complete signage changeover in 2002. Our projects included initial signage design, site-specific signage planning, permitting, manufacture and installation.” — Jennifer Sturm Executive Vice President Anchor Bank

These projects included exterior signage design, pylon sign with electronic message board, channel letters & interior signage.

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Marlene’s Market & Deli | Supermarket Design



Marlene’s was a familiar name to Federal Way natural foods customers. But a new location meant attracting traffic to a bigger and better site. I-5 was brought onboard to create a full façade and interior supermarket design plan.

Design and finished product highlights

I-5 took advantage of the new location’s high ceilings and wall-of-windows storefront, designing a stunning façade and entrance sign. Then, for the interior, a complete store layout was devised which included a second story café plus reading and gathering areas. Key design elements included:

• Exterior entrance makeover, featuring new signage, awnings and wood trellis

• Interior floor plan layout, including grocery aisles and departments, plus second story café, seating and gathering

• 3-dimensional department signage on wood trellises

• Themed valances

Production and implementation

Marlene’s new supermarket design elements were created by I-5’s in-house team, then fabricated at our on-site state-of-the-art manufacturing facility. I-5 then seamlessly implemented the design, expediting installation.


Marlene’s new location exuded the friendly, “buy local” attitude the brand had always represented, helping create a multi-use destination for both buying and enjoying natural foods.


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Gold River Casino | Lenape Lounge Design



Gold River Casino asked for I-5’s expertise to create an alluring new lounge design within an existing unused storage building on the casino property.

Design and finished product highlights

I-5’s design created an entirely new destination from floor to ceiling, adding a notable new guest attraction at Gold River Casino. The layout and décor plan was carefully considered, in keeping with the flow and theme of the rest of the casino. Specialty wood and cultured stone added a nature-based influence. Other highlights included:

• A sizable curved wood-beam ceiling structure

• Specialty patterned metal finishes featuring I-5’s own EtchedMetal process

• Custom mica chandeliers

• A full bar

• Integrated seating

• A raised stage area for live entertainment

Production and implementation

Décor elements were produced at I-5’s own manufacturing facility, and Lenape Lounge’s entire installation was completed within 2 weeks, while the casino remained open.


The Lenape Lounge has brought an additional luxury venue to Gold River Casino, attracting guests to enjoy a cocktail or to enjoy the excitement of live entertainment.

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Señor Frog’s Restaurant Design



Señor Frog’s is a specialty restaurant and retail venue in Nassau that caters to visitors and vacationers. The client hoped to upgrade exterior signage and overall storefront impact for a more compelling street presence.

Design highlights

Understanding that guests to the Bahamas are generally in a “getaway” frame of mind and open to fun experiences, I-5’s design team created a playful tropical restaurant design theme, with Señor Frog himself taking center stage in signage and branding. The character appears to preside over a tropical, bamboo-style structure, implying a whimsical, exotic experience inside. Key restaurant design features included:

• A peaked-roof “hut” design, with bamboo structural elements

• Bright, colorful dimensional letters and signage to attract street attention on two street frontages, taking
advantage of the premium corner location

• Character development of Señor Frog in the central signage

• An added theme element of a giant Señor Frog appearing to peek over a roof-based wall above the entrance


I-5’s design offered the client a cohesive, fully concepted exterior visual image, capitalizing on a memorable theme consistent with the tropical and fun-loving nature of this vacationer’s paradise.

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Ignite Lounge Sign Design | MGM Monte Carlo | Las Vegas, Nevada




Located within the MGM Monte Carlo, the new Ignite Lounge needed custom signage — I-5 was contracted to design and create graphic identification that would draw patrons into the lounge and convey the “inferno of excitement” found within.

Design and finished product highlights

I-5’s casino design team kindled a stunning sign design that embodied the crackling energy of a blazing fire. Utilizing the latest in visual display technology, each sign became a brilliantly radiating advertisement for Ignite. Key signage features included:

• Multi-layered translucent tubes to imbue the sense of smoldering embers and leaping flames

• Dimensional logo components, lending depth and impact

• Premium high gloss finishes for maximum reflective capacity

• Internally illuminated elements cast an inviting glow that could be seen from around the casino

Production and implementation

I-5’s one-stop advantage of providing design, fabrication, and implementation ensured that the casino design intent for Ignite’s distinctive signage was seamlessly carried through installation.


Ignite Lounge is now a centerpiece venue of the Monte Carlo Casino. Open 24 hours a day, its distinctive signage is visible throughout the property, inviting patrons to experience its fiery atmosphere.

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