Heritage Bank | Pacific Northwest




Heritage Bank asked I-5 for design concepts that would address branch upgrades, interior décor and, overall signage and identity.

Bank Design and finished product highlights

Taking into account the various identification elements of the bank’s exterior signage as well as interior décor and imagery, I-5 created a cohesive design theme communicating strength, accessibility, and a sense of heritage and place. Design features included:

• Custom exterior signage design package

• Pylon sign with electronic message board

• Awnings

• Interior décor

• Custom wall murals and images reflecting the region and its landscape

Production and implementation

Design, fabrication and installation of all elements were handled in-house through I-5’s state-of-the-art facilities and implementation teams.


Heritage Bank is able to project a solid image of soundness and professionalism in banking and financial services, through a combination of graphic signage elements and interior décor features.

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