What are the key factors in a bank design?

Interior Bank Design

When designing a bank, there are key factors to take into consideration in order to give customers a feeling of assurance and trust in you. A bank design should create a calm atmosphere that is genuine and natural. At the Washington Business Bank, located in Olympia, Washington, we used an earthy color palette and incorporated materials such as rock and tile to help produce the organic ambiance. To add interest to the interior space we designed an angled counter that is inset with illuminated, textured resin panels to provide warmth and tie into the bank logo. Custom light fixtures above the teller counter were also used to provide warmth and large windows at the entrance add to the natural glow. To emphasize personalized customer service and care, we designed a comfortable coffee bar and seating area, using the same maple wood finish to provide unity throughout the space. All of these elements that we chose for the Washington Business Bank helped to create the warm and inviting atmosphere they were looking to achieve, that would draw in current customers as well as welcome new financial prospects.

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