Barquito Oyster Bar | Restaurant Design Rendering

The owners of the Barquito Oyster Bar brought in I-5 Design to create a nautical theme for their restaurant. Wood siding along the exterior of the building accented by navy blue stripes, brass railings, and porthole windows, emulate a deep-sea fishing vessel. Tension awnings, made to resemble fishing nets, provide shade for the seating along the outside of the restaurant, while wood pilings and rope fence the area in and create a dockside feel. Entering the restaurant, every space is filled with excitement and carries out the nautical theme. Chalkboard art, plaster fish, vintage signs and simulated distressed wood wall coverings are placed throughout the interior. From the central deco-styled oyster bar, with the deep-sea diver swimming above, to the raised booth seating along the perimeter of the space, the Barquito Oyster Bar celebrates an exciting coastal dining experience!

Olivia W.
I-5 Design
Design Consultant

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