Bear River | Casino Design Phase

bear river

I-5 created an initial interior and exterior conceptual design for Bear River Casino. Beginning with a 3D laser scan of the property, I-5 obtained photographic and digital point cloud data to provide the “as is” measurements¬†and detailed information needed to complete the designs in a digital scale model. The plan involves multiple phases of renovations, starting with high priority needs minimizing downtime for the client. Included in the design was wall and ceiling color palettes based on the existing floor colors, suspended ceiling treatments, soffits and lowered decor applications to add atmosphere and create inviting areas within the space. It also includes decorative pillars and cultured stone applications, programmable color changing LED accent lighting as well as custom chandeliers and lighting fixtures, custom-designed wall coverings, trims and valances, wainscot treatments, customized perimeter soffits with integrated cove lighting, decorative metals and wood grain surfaces and textures, and routed internal illuminated signage.

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