Casino Design & Remodel | Before & After Video

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New Project | Bear River Casino

Bear River Casino wanted a completely new custom designed decor package with a complex integrated HVAC system for their 10th anniversary celebration. This included the main casino floor, their gaming floor expansion and the Hotel interior entrance to the Casino. The new casino design incorporated the latest state of the art color changing lighting technology to give the property a “Las Vegas” atmosphere. The new HVAC system eliminated smoke from the gaming floor, separating the casino from all of the local competition. Check out the complete project page here – Bear River Casino

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Bear River Casino | Express Cafe Design

Bear River Casino_express cafe int

Lighting was upgraded throughout the property including programmable color changing LED accent lighting, cove lighting, and custom designed and illuminated signage. The Express Cafe received its own make-over with updated suspended ceiling treatments, specialty faux wood beam system, soffits and lowered decor applications, decorative pillars and cluttered stone, wall treatments, decorative metals and wood finishes. We then worked with the Casino & Tribal Management to create the “look and atmosphere” they were looking for. Check back for the complete project page.


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Bear River Casino | Gaming Floor Design

Bear River Casino_gaming

Bear River Casino wanted a completely new casino design package that include the main casino floor, their gaming floor expansion and the Hotel interior entrance to the Casino giving a “Las Vegas atmosphere (that will be) new, exciting, fun, and adventurous.” Lighting was upgraded throughout including programmable color changing LED accent lighting, cove lighting, and illuminated signage, updated suspended ceiling treatments, soffits and lowered decor applications, decorative pillars and cluttered stone, wall treatments, decorative metals and wood finishes.

“Overall we are very pleased with the remodel,” McGinnis said. “It has given the Casino a very new-age Las Vegas feel, and is modern and spacious. It is what we needed,” he added, “to make our patrons feel comfortable and let them know how much we care.”

Read more about the project here – 10th Anniversary 

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Tachi Palace Casino Design| Non-Smoking

tachi palace non smoking

Included in the design package for Tachi Palace Casino was the Non-Smoking Room. The approximately 1.500 square foot space was designed to create a fun and entertaining area that evokes the crisp, clean air and natural beauty of the tule marshes found throughout the region. Whether viewing the location from the interior or exterior, natural greens and browns work with accents of gold to create a high-quality gaming room for customers to enjoy. Custom chandeliers with an outer ’tule weave’ diffuser accent are placed in the space to add to the quality feel and elevate the experience for your non-smoking customers. Custom translucent window treatments are planned for both sides of the store front glass, which will create a ‘layering’ effect for the tule inspired artwork and create visual interest in for the space. A new custom carpet with swirling greens and gold is incorporated as well, creating visual interest as well adding to the “natural outdoor” design plan for a floor to ceiling transformation.


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Tachi Palace Casino Design | High Limits

tachi high limits

I-5 Design created a 3D conceptual casino design drawing for the approximately 2,000 square foot, existing High Limit area in Tachi Palace Hotel and Casino in Leemore, California. The design provided a fun and exciting customer environment and upgraded ambiance with new illuminated signage, decor, lighting and theming elements, while also working with the existing finishes at the resort. Also included in the design were wall floor and ceiling color palettes, programmable lighting elements, custom chandeliers, lowered soffits and ceiling elements to create interesting areas within the overall space, pillar treatments, and decorative half wall elements.

With an on-site visit I-5 was able to capture a 3D architectural scan of the space so renderings could be made on a perfect 3D model.


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One Fire Sports Bar Design

One Fire Sports Bar Design

I-5 was contracted again with Creek Nation to design and remodel the One Fire Sports Bar at One Fire Casino in Okmulgee Oklahoma. The bar design included specifications for thwall colors; ceilinspecifications; hard flooring in center of bar; carpet in main seating areas on left, right, and front of center bar; specialty designed sculpted wall paneling and wood style paneling on wall separating gaminfloor from sports bar; counter facing for bar counters; counter top specifications; upper perimeter trim; furniture specifications for bar stools, tables, chairs, and booths; architectural stone flanking each side obar; sculpted wall paneling shown across back wall in bar area; decorative soffit overhangs in back center of bar and two lowered soffit elements on each side of bar over booth seating; specifications for luminaires suspended over counter; custom sconces shown on stone columns, on sculpted paneling, and throughout venue per design renderings; architectural stone for columns flanking each side of entrstructure; signage, sculpted background panel, decorative valance, and custom sconces for entry to sports bar. Also, included in the design package I-5 agreed to create drawings and specifications to include the demolition plan for the space and bar equipment specifications.

If you want to see the areas of One Fire Casin that I-5 has previously designed and remodeled visit the One Fire Casino project page.

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Steelhead Lounge Remodel Manufature Phase

steelhead lounge INSHOP

Our unique approach to building a design concept provides an efficient in-house fabrication process. All of the architectural elements were pre-assembled in our facility so lighting, specialty finishes and the overall presentation were fine turned before being sent to the on-site location for installation. Some of the custom fabricated decor elements for the Steelhead Lounge remodel included in the package were the custom back bar display (shown above) with integrated multi-tiered signage and decorative columns and specialty EtchedMetal facing, entry decor feature with printed wall mural and dimensional signage, custom designed perimeter wall murals and coverings, seating area display with decorative EtchedMetal acrylic paneling, integrated lighting and specialty water projection system, decorative half wall, lighting fixtures throughout the space and integrated into the decor, and curved valances above seating area. Along with architectural coordination drawings and structural engineering for suspended decor elements, I-5 also agreed to expedite the on-site installation of the decor elements.

Stay tuned for more details on the expedited time frame and installation phase.

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