Bear River Casino

Center View

I-5 created interior and exterior conceptual casino designs for the Bear River Casino that addressed the specific areas of concern below. The design includes a planned phased implementation, to minimize downtime at the Casino.

• Upgraded gaming floor and expansion including décor, theming, signage and lighting including way finding and venues

• Bear River Express entrance and interior to be more contemporary and not “so relaxing”

• Poker Room upgrade and signage

• Non Smoking Slots upgrade and signage

• Cashier area upgrade and signage

• Players club upgrade and signage

• Bar off of Casino floor with accent lighting, wall treatment upgrade and lighting fixtures.

• Hotel-Casino transition area upgrade and signage

I-5 performed a 360-degree, 3D laser scan of the existing space to obtain photographic and digital point cloud data. This scan provided the “as is” measurements and detailed information needed to complete the conceptual designs in a to-scale 3D digital format.

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One Fire Casino | Bar Design

One Fire Casino worked with I-5 in the past to create a brand new gaming floor design. I-5 was contracted again this year to design and expand the Sports Bar. The new design plan focused on a level of quality that created an impactful space, while keeping the overall décor costs on budget. Some of the elements included an enlarged illuminated signage display for the entry with a custom flame logo element to tie in with the exterior, raised stage area with custom printed mural background, and an extended custom valance and etched metal wall display behind the bar which is able to be seen from the gaming floor and helps to draw guests into the new area.

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NEW Project Page | QZone Nightclub

Nightclub Design - QZone at Quil Ceda Casino, newly renovated VIP Lounge.

Quil Ceda Casino wanted to turn their unused nightclub area into an venue that could be re-configured for multiple event types! The new plan maximizes the existing space while keeping the area versatile and unique and provides the Casino with a stimulating destination at the property. Visit the QZone Project Page for all the details and to see the before, design and after photos.

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BSB Restaurant Remodel


Have you seen the new remodel for the BSB Restaurant at Muckleshoot Casino? In June of 2012 I-5 Design upgraded the restaurants exterior with new signage, a suspended valance, and a half wall to give the restaurant more privacy from the gaming floor. Muckleshoot Casino now wanted to add an additional bar that would tie in with the overall theme of the existing elements. The newly designed bar adds character to the space with distressed copper countertops and specialty wood finished facing panels and trim. The additional area works together well with the existing renovation and gives customers a sleek sports bar within the property to grab a bite to eat right off of the gaming floor.

See more photos and details on this project on the BSB Bar & Grill project page.

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NEW Project Page | Ho-Chunk Grill Remodel

Restaurant Design - Ho-Chunk Grill entrance after remodel.

Check out the new addition to our Restaurant Design Portfolio. I-5 created a design plan for Ho-Chunk Gaming that would bring a “wow” to the grill customer entrance area, drawing customers in from the gaming floor. The design and remodel plan also streamlined the new kitchen incorporating equipment in a way that was both attractive and efficient.

See the project portfolio here – Ho-Chunk Grill Remodel 

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Bear River | Casino Design Phase

bear river

I-5 created an initial interior and exterior conceptual design for Bear River Casino. Beginning with a 3D laser scan of the property, I-5 obtained photographic and digital point cloud data to provide the “as is” measurements and detailed information needed to complete the designs in a digital scale model. The plan involves multiple phases of renovations, starting with high priority needs minimizing downtime for the client. Included in the design was wall and ceiling color palettes based on the existing floor colors, suspended ceiling treatments, soffits and lowered decor applications to add atmosphere and create inviting areas within the space. It also includes decorative pillars and cultured stone applications, programmable color changing LED accent lighting as well as custom chandeliers and lighting fixtures, custom-designed wall coverings, trims and valances, wainscot treatments, customized perimeter soffits with integrated cove lighting, decorative metals and wood grain surfaces and textures, and routed internal illuminated signage.

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Grey Rock Casino Design

First view

Working with a new 15,000 square foot gaming space, I-5 created a conceptual casino design for Grey Rock Casino that infused modern and tribal elements to create a themed design that would include the gaming areas as well as the food and beverage stations. The conceptual design included wall, floor, and ceiling color palette and finishes, LED and custom perimeter lighting, and custom chandeliers. The conceptual design also included customized mural bands and wall texture applications, metal and faux cornice moldings, lowered soffits to create areas within the overall space, and internally illuminated signage.

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Winnevegas Casino Design

Bar Corner

I-5 created a new interior design plan for Winnevegas Casino with a warm amber and dusty blue color palette infused with wood grains and custom textures. The multi-tiered chandeliers were designed to be 10′ wide by 10′ long, constructed of specialty metal chain curtains and concealing a specialty amber and gold lighting system to create that warm glow throughout the gaming floor.  I-5 also included a food and beverage area in the design package along with the central bar on the gaming floor. Setting the bar apart,  I-5 brought in the dusty blue tones and designed a sleek, stylish bar that kept the “rectangle” decor theme while adding it’s own flare in color and texture.  Check back for the full casino design project page of Winnevegas Casino.

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