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The overall architecture of the Crystal Palace Casino lacked character, while the casino design plan had little visual interest. I-5 Design was asked to create an entirely new theme for the overall environment and specifically to bring renewed excitement to the gaming floor.

Design highlights

I-5’s design team embraced the client’s vision of transforming the casino into an underwater fantasy world, bringing to life the aquatic colors of the islands. Design elements and palettes quickly took on the essence of Neptune’s paradise, with undersea imagery as inspiration. A number of significant elements set the new tone, including:

• Oval signage above the entrance of each area, designed to capture the swirling “wave” theme while setting each
area apart. Instead of the typical internal illumination, animated chaser lights were added to border the signs and
draw attention to specific casino venues.

• Inspired by ocean currents, custom pillars cast a warm light through the specialty blue/green sculpted art panels,
onto aged brass trim above and below. A custom coral panel was installed in front of an illuminated band,
emulating deep red and gold coral. To finish the columns, a deeply textured, aquatic-inspired wall covering with a
deep red, gold and sea-green pattern was wrapped around each pillar underneath the coral band.

• A glass railing was added for additional privacy between floors. The etched, frosted vinyl overlay, which matched
the coral design on the pillars, was applied to one side of a translucent glass panel, allowing light to pass through.
This created an easy flow between casino floors while still keeping them separate.

• Flowing metal ceiling curtains added overhead depth and interest

• Seashell inspired chandeliers continued the theme


Client was impressed and pleased with the depth of thought and planning that went into I-5’s underwater casino design theme. From concept to complete design drawings, the casino design infused life and character and brought back excitement and entertainment to the venue.

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