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Oklahoma’s North Country Casino asked I-5 to provide a comprehensive interior casino design. Their goal was to create a destination for potential guests traveling along a nearby major highway.

Design highlights

Taking cues from the natural beauty of the land surrounding the casino, I-5’s designers created an extensive casino design plan, which focused on visual impact while bringing outdoor elements inside. Within the gaming environment, color schemes and décor elements were employed which gave the casino’s interior the warmth and feeling of an endless summer. Key features included:

• Massive wooden beams and flanking columns with stone bases added to the craftsman style of the exterior,
providing visual interest from the nearby highway

• Themed decor structures for the players club, cashier and lounge areas were developed which built on the overall
concept and tied the entire gaming floor together into a cohesive theme

• Custom carpet and wall mural elements were designed to showcase elements of the tribe’s history and culture,
and to reinforce the overall design direction


Client was pleased with I-5’s design, which brought in natural elements of the surrounding landscape.

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