Casino Pauma | Cashier Area Design Rendering

The dramatically enhanced casino design for Pauma resumes at the Cashier area. Continuing the lodge style, orange grove theme and color palette of vivid purple, rust orange and jewel toned red, we gave this area an individual appearance. Keeping the existing framework, we added a new structure utilizing all the space available, giving this area a dominant presence in the casino design. Flanking the side of the structure are tapered columns with stone veneer bases and illuminated inset panels with scrollwork on the upper portion. For continuity in the design we continued this pattern outlining the windows at the Cashier area. Wrapping around the entire structure is a specialty finished metal valance serving as a ledge for the internally illuminated CASHIER sign, bringing the sign further out and adding dimension to the overall structure. A gathered satin curtain, with a translucent orange grove tree design, creates a intriguing back drop for the entire structure. Designed and printed using a dye-sublimation process this curtain showcases our color palette in beautifully saturated color-tones. Hidden in the cove valance above is a color changing LED lighting system that shines down on the curtain with a programed pattern of light. Each custom décor element functions in its place bringing the design together to create a theatrical look for the Cashier Area in the casino.

Sarah Robison
I-5 Design
Marketing Director

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