Casino Pauma | Red Parrot Lounge | Design Development Phase

The manufacture phase for Casino Pauma is underway. Our approach to a renovation project is unique, beginning with each décor element being custom manufactured in-house at our quality controlled facility. As elements of the project are completed, we pre-assemble as many as possible so the onsite implementation happens as efficiently as possible. The Red Parrot Lounge was designed to provide a comfortable retreat for patrons. Working closely with the designers to achieve this goal, our production team brought the concept to reality with our technologically advanced systems. Many detailed components were manufactured and incorporated into the sign structure to create this monumental focal point in the lounge.  Uniting the colors and textures used throughout the casino, each component layers the sign with the orange grove motif and design theme. With communication throughout the process, the project moves seamlessly from design to production.

Sarah Robison
I-5 Design
Marketing Director

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