Casino Renovation | Planning Phase

Photo of gaming floor plan by I-5 Design.After your casino designs have been finalized we assign a project team that initiates and executes the remodel design seamlessly. This ensures that the project runs as smoothly as possible while minimizing communication-related problems. The project team will be involved in the project from the very initial design phase and through to the installation and grand opening of your newly transformed facility.

Due to our unique concept to completion approach, all of our design, planning, production, and implementation teams are under one roof for collaboration throughout each phase of the casino renovation project. Our production team is very involved throughout the design phase to ensure each design element will correctly translate to the finished product; likewise, our design team is involved throughout the planning and implementation to ensure design integrity is carried through to the finished product. This team structure allows for a truly “Design Driven” project and ensures the best overall look, quality, and efficiency. Our project team will also assist in the design development andcoordination drawing phases to facilitate the architectural, mechanical, electrical, and kitchen drawings. The project team will be responsible for construction phase development and schedules.

If you want to see complete casino renovaiton projects, please visit our casino design portfolio.

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