Creating worlds through color

Photos showing different lighting applications

When our designers are working on a project, it is important that they work very closely with the client to find out exactly what they are envisioning. Many times clients will ask for a specific mood or feeling to be created, but are not sure where to begin. This is where a color palette is introduced; a very crucial aspect of every design. Did you know that different color choices produce different moods or atmospheres? For example: a yellow and orange color palette would produce a warm feel, while blue and white hues can produce a relaxed and fresh feel. When we designed the Soboba Casino in San Jacinto, California, we used yellow and earth tones to create a warm, welcoming feel. Light blues and forest green hues played a key part in the fresh, and almost river-like atmosphere we produced for the Little Creek Casino. In every project that we work on, our designers are continually thinking of ways to apply the color palette so that the desired atmosphere is created.

Jim H.
I-5 Project Blogger

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