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Custom Chain Curtains
I-5 Design and Manufacture specializes in designing and implementing custom décor and theming that gives your venue a unique and high-impact look and feel. One of the décor elements that we have implemented into several of our projects is custom chain curtains. These curtains can be used to add the ‘wow’ factor to your location, or to play a more supportive, background role. For each area that we design the curtains into, we seek to implement them in ways that highlights the area, and helps to produce the perfect environment that our client is looking to achieve. At the Envy Nightlife nightclub, in the Route 66 Casino, the chain curtain which is suspended over the bar, is illuminated from above with color-changing LED lighting, as well as has an integrated design pattern in the chain itself. The perimeter of the 360 degree bar, found at the same casino, is edged with multi-faceted, shimmering metal bead curtains, which are down-lit with color changing LED’s, to create an inspiring destination point in the center of the gaming floor. At another location, to visually lower the look of the ceiling and add an element of interest, we designed the curtains in a geometric square pattern, radiating outward from the center of the existing structal columns in the card room. In our themed designs, we have also used similar curtains in a wave like pattern to be suspended from the ceiling, in various blue and aqua hues to give the impression of a cool, flowing river. This is just one of the design elements that we have used to give a location a unique atmosphere that will invite customers to come back again and again.

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I-5 Design
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