Custom Lighting For Any Space

Photos of custom designed chandeliers

Choosing the correct lighting fixtures for your venue, whether it is chandeliers or sconces, is a very important factor in any design. At I-5 Design and Manufacture, our designers specialize in creating customized lighting designs for a variety of locations and client types. Once these fixtures have been designed, they are then produced in our state-of-the-art manufacturing facility to ensure maximum quality and durability. Each locality that we provide lighting designs for requires a specialized look to tie into the surrounding area or theme of the venue. At the Clearwater Casino Buffet, the chandeliers that we designed included amber and green mica to create a warm and inviting glow, while corresponding with the natural, earthy theme of the rest of the buffet. For the Little Creek Casino, located in Shelton, Washington, our designers incorporated the Native American ‘Guardian of the Sun’ tribal element into the chandeliers, which added interest as well as honored the heritage of the Squaxin Island Tribe. Accurate lighting is essential in creating the perfect atmosphere for your location, and I-5 Design can provide this from design to manufacture and installation.

Sarah K.
I-5 Design
Purchasing Manager

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