Custom Metal

Photos of various iMetal surfaces

One of the custom décor elements that we produce at I-5 Design & Manufacture, and incorporate into many of our designs is iMetal. iMetal is a specialty metal material that can be applied to a variety of surfaces or elements, and comes in limitless colors and patterns. Depending on the style of the venue, our designers create a customized design pattern utilizing state of the art technology that is then translated to production and applied to the material. At the beginning of the manufacturing stage, each piece of material is stored at room temperature to prevent oxidation, and is carefully examined to ensure that it is completely flawless. The sheet is then thoroughly treated and primed to ensure maximum vibrancy and reflectiveness for the finish look. Once the design is integrated into the aluminum, it is primed for the spray booth, in which it is painted and coated to the exact color specified by the designer. After the painting process is complete, what was once an unfinished sheet of aluminum is now a rare piece of art created specifically for your facility.

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