Our Approach

At I-5 the design process starts with listening. Through thorough research I-5 works to understand and appreciate the client’s vision. The design team then collaborates directly with our production and architecture teams, using unique materials, elements and solutions to bring that vision to life.

Bar Design - 4 Bears Casino, photo of bar design mock up

Value Through Research

The design process begins well before the first drawings. The I-5 design team starts by scanning the original space to generate a 3D model of the initial structure. The 3D model is accurate to fractions of an inch which allows I-5 to design solutions that don’t require rework, ensuring that the end product will be delivered to the client on time, with the “wow” that each project needs. Since the resulting design is based on the initial 3D model, every element is 100% accurate. As the designers develop the concept for the space, the 3D model allows them to visualize how the overall decor and architectural features will be perceived from the customer’s vantage point, making sure that the final project will accomplish the client’s goals. I-5’s initial research extends beyond just the physical space, researching cultural, historical, and geographical elements to ensure the design is unique, authentic, and specific to their client.

Designed for Production

The design team is influenced by the production team’s expertise in various building materials. We factor in both the materials strength and it’s durability, as well as the material’s visual appeal, delivering both form and function. When a client needs a unique design element our design and production teams create solutions using specialty in-house finishing with traditional materials to fulfill the client’s vision without compromising in quality. In return our designers are able to communicate material needs throughout the design process, so production can be begin immediately, allowing tight time frame needs to be met or exceeded. This also allows production to deal with availability, quantity and turnaround time for materials before they become problems for the client. Together design and production bring the client’s unique vision to life, ahead of schedule and beyond expectations.

Bar Design - 4 Bears Casino, photo of bar design mock up