Elements of design

Designs of nature themed casino interior

At I-5 Design and Manufacture, we specialize in the design, fabrication and installation process for casinos, restaurants, grocery stores, banks and more. Initially, we gather direction from our client in order to create the perfect, theme-based design that they are anticipating. Our in-house designers have years of experience in creating high-impact environments that reflect our customers needs, while coordinating with the space in a captivating and practical way. We assemble inspiration for our designs from a wide variety of sources; some of our most amazing designs were stimulated by nature. From rugged and weathered terrains, to vibrant and tropical islands, any color palette or element can be drawn from the diverse landscapes across the globe. Our lead designer, Dave Waters, is an expert at seeing these elements and translating them into décor items and finishes that create the ‘wow’ factor needed to enhance any space. Many times, based on the geographical location of a project, he will highlight parts that are common to the area, in order to give the venue a unique and exclusive feel. Whether you are looking to upgrade your facility, or create a brand new look, our design team can help you achieve your goals and create the perfect atmosphere.


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