Fabrication & Installation

Our Approach

I-5’s fabrication and installation teams have a history of aggressive timelines and exceeding expectations in quality and efficiency. They are experts in state of the art materials and building processes, applying smart solutions through excellent communication and creating beautiful environments.

Bar Design - 4 Bears Casino, photo of bar design mock up

Precise planning

The fabrication and installation teams focus on both the client, and the client’s customers. For this reason they take the on site implementation of the project just as seriously as the finished product. To minimize impact on the client’s business the fabrication team pre-assembles entire rooms, then delivers them to the installation team organized to facilitate the install process. The fabrication and installation teams tailor this further to fit each specific design, factoring in important details such as customer flow, scheduling in off hours for minimal impact to operations, and building access.

Timelines are important to I-5. To protect our fabrication team and in turn our clients, we constantly monitor lead times for materials, and work directly with our designers to identify material needs before they become an issue. If a client wants a material or element that may arrive late and cause the project to run behind schedule, the fabrication team takes a proactive approach, creating solutions to ensure that both quality and timeframe needs are met, bringing solutions to the client instead of problems and delays.

Solutions through Collaboration

The fabrication and installation teams have been working alongside the design team for over 20 years. The relationship built on these years of experience encourages each team member to provide input on every part of the process. In terms of the fabrication and installation teams, this is primarily done by having daily download meetings, where each member of every team is given the opportunity to communicate regarding solutions to create a better, safer, more dynamic environment for each project. We keep this collaborative process active during installation and fabrication by using live secure web cams for collaboration. This gives the design team the opportunity to be connected to the fabrication and installation teams even while the installation is occurring. If anyone from the installation team has questions about how a particular design element is supposed to look, the designer gets to see the issue in real-time turning what is often a week long change request process into a 5 minute discussion which arrives at the best answer. If a client desires something that the fabrication team can’t produce, they are able to communicate with the design and architecture teams to come up with something new–be it a new material use or a new design element entirely. The client saves time through the fabrication team’s continuous collaboration.

Bar Design - 4 Bears Casino, photo of bar design mock up