Finishing Department System

Photos of in shop letters with specialty finish

At I-5 Design and Manufacture, each department is continually upgrading their systems so that workflow is streamlined and downtime is minimized. The Finishing Department at I-5 Design has created an MDF priming system which ensures a smooth finish while cutting our prep time in half. The aisle signs for DeCA Carlisle are an example of this system’s successful implementation. MDF has a very coarse edge, which absorbs paint, creating a rough and discolored finish. Using the I-5 MDF priming system ensures a smooth finish consistent with the front of the object. Whether a high gloss metallic or an eggshell latex finish is desired, the I-5 MDF priming system is part of what creates our standout decor elements.

Todd R.
I-5 Design & Manufacture
Manager I-5 Finishes Department


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