Elements of Design

Flooring Elements

I-5 designs custom carpet and flooring materials for each venue as part of the overall renovation. Our design team borrows from the overall design theme and creates a unique pattern that pulls together all the specialty colors and established the new design theme. As an example, Duck Creek Casino was designed with a creekside design theme, combining colors from a mallard duck and the elements you would see in a riverbed. The carpet has a base color of mallard green with winding river ribbons in golden orange and blue tones completing the casino design.

These custom carpets are manufactured and install in module tiles. This is especially beneficial after the renovation when certain areas need replaced. The carpet tiles keep the facility from having to close down the entire gaming floor and replace all of the carpet. Designed specifically for high-traffic areas, the unique custom carpet designs has a long life span and are very durable.

Each decor element supports the overall design theme and utilizes the specialty color pallets created by I-5 Design.