Fully programmable color changing LED lighting

Did you see the Super Bowl half-time show? Over 150 Million viewers saw The Who perform classic rock’ n’ roll on a large video screen stage. As the show went on arrows flew across the stage and the band’s logo flashed, animated and spun. Many commentators have said that the stage was as amazing as the show itself.

I-5 Design and Manufacture has been implementing these types of fully programmable color changing LED lighting systems into décor and signage. Your exterior can be turned into a dynamic billboard creating an atmosphere around your business with the ability to convey your message with the fullest impact; as subtle or as exciting as you want. Whether it is an exterior display that is programmed with full video or animation, or interior décor and signage to produce an ever changing and dynamic environment, your business will never appear static or boring.

For one project we utilized a large scale implementation of fully programmable color changing led light bars to create a landmark display that was able to show video and any custom animation. From an American flag waving on the 4th of July to silhouetted horses galloping across the night sky; the effect is as breath-taking as it is effective. Because the LED light bars in this application were considered architectural perimeter lighting, maximum visibility could be achieved without falling under the signage restrictions of the municipal sign codes. This can be an extremely effective solution when permitting makes it difficult to achieve the impact your building needs. This technology is also incredibly flexible, from a circular stage to a gigantic video screen/sign – literally anything is possible with programmable color changing LED. For more information about cutting-edge, high impact décor, theming and signage, visit i5design.com

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