Good restaurant design reflects customer preferences

In a tight economy Americans are still dining out, but less often. That trend has heated competition among restaurants, and a smart interior and exterior design plays a key role in ratcheting up the dining experience and capturing competitive advantage.

Successful restaurant owners are defining the markets they serve by seeking grassroots ways to determine what their customers want. How? By asking them. Are they comfortable while dining? Is the décor pleasing? Is the noise level appropriate? How’s the food, the service, the overall ambiance?

Customers are usually approachable and will offer their take on the dining experience at your establishment. And they also may give you valuable feedback on what they like and don’t like about the design of other eateries they frequent.

If you’re creating a new restaurant, your competition can be helpful by providing opportunities to observe successful design in action. Evaluate what elements are working or not working for them and determine how you can turn what you learn into competitive advantage.

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