Heritage Bank Multiple Location Changeover – Case Study

Photos and designs of various Heritage Bank locations

Heritage Bank is a regional bank that has been serving the Pacific Northwest with financial solutions since 1927, and so far they have 28 locations from Wilsonville, Oregon to Seattle, Washington. We have been assisting them on their many location’s design & signage needs for nearly 20 years now. Most recently we have been helping them with numerous branch acquisition projects. Our main undertaking in these projects is to make the changeover as smooth as possible, so the bank’s coordination team doesn’t have to think about the logistics of the branding and can focus on the other aspects of the process. This means that we determine the most effective décor & signage plan and factor in everything from sign code constraints for various municipalities, to enhancing and complementing the various architectural features of the new location. After careful consideration by our design team and input from our production foremen, we create artistic conceptual drawings for each branch that are submitted for approval both to the bank and to the city. On approval of these drawings our production team translates the design into shop drawings which are used to systematically produce each designed element. This production line system ensures every detail is just right, from using the I-5 ultra-brite white LED system for optimum illumination, to custom painting detail elements on signage and decor so that they perfectly match the Heritage Bank branding colors. As the final step, the installation is carefully coordinated to provide the least amount of disruption to bank operations. The end result is bank branches that may vary in location and architectural features but are easily identified by their cohesive décor and signage packages making “Heritage Bank, the quality bank” the bank destination of choice for the community.

Paige R.
Design Consultant
I-5 Design

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