High-Quality Manufacturing Systems

Photos of high quality manufacturing in-shop and finished photo

I am a production foreman at I-5 Design & Manufacture and I am proud that the quality of each décor component is ensured directly by me before it goes out of our manufacturing facility for installation on site. For example, the massive round faux wood columns we created for the Little Creek Casino (the manufacturing sequence is shown in the photos above). The process starts with members of our production team carefully studying the design files & 3D models to ensure that the design intent is followed through into the manufacturing. Our production prep crew then makes the computerized files that are necessary for our equipment technicians to use on our in-house cutting edge, precision machinery. We create a systematic method for creating each décor component so that it can go through our production line as safely & efficiently as possible with a high quality product as the outcome. Each system we use is created with safety, quality assurance, and always with the final assembly in mind. We visualize the entire installation in our minds so that we provide the installers with everything they need (i.e. fasteners, tools, components, etc.) and the installation becomes a “performance”, flowing together as smoothly as possible creating minimal or no downtime for our clients and leaving them with an end product that looks even better than the already amazing designs.

Daniel Scamman
Production Foreman
I-5 Design & Manufacture

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