In shop pre-construction makes remodel a special event

Photo of efficient casino exterior remodel | Comanche Nation Casino

Have you ever been excited about an upcoming renovation project – visualized how great it could look, pictured yourself there, and hoped it would be everything you dreamed of? Everyone wants their remodel to be perfect, to go smoothly and look outstanding, and as much as you would like it to be that way, many times it is not. Somehow, unforeseen problems come up; you have to shut down parts of your business due to the work, additional costs begin to stack up, timeframe is longer than expected, and the list could go on. But not at I-5 Design and Manufacture. Here, we’ve created systems that make construction a very special event. We prefabricate as much of the project in shop, adhering to site-specific measurements, which makes the on-site installation seamless and uniform. When our expert installers arrive on-location, all of the custom-built décor elements are there, basically just needing secured into place. Here at I-5, we specialize in renovations that completely transform the look and atmosphere of your venue with little or no downtime to your business. No more months of headaches, just a one time, high impact makeover; the way a remodel should always be.

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    Wow this is really impressive. Thanks for that.

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