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Photo of Josiah's Restaurant in the Seminole Casino - High Quality Finish

In-shop photo of the sign for Josiah's Restaurant in the Seminole Casino

The Finishing Department here at I-5 Design is constantly finding ways to improve the quality and effect of our product finishes. Everything from prep process to the final clear coat finish is being refined and improved to ensure the highest quality product with the shortest turnaround time for our customers. For example the “I-5 PrismaticGold” finish, is the culmination of multiple discussions, research, and testing. Our goal was to create a polyurethane finish to mirror the “gold leaf” process while reducing the time this process takes to accomplish. Our first attempts were nice metallic finishes, but not good enough for our quality standards. Subsequent attempts refined our process to bring out the all-important shimmering golden glow. I’m proud of the finished product and excited to continue developing processes that result in long lasting, beautiful finishes. We used the I-5 PrismaticGold, to great effect, at Josiah’s Bar and Grill inside Seminole Casino in Florida.

Todd R
Lead Tech
I-5 Design Finish Department

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