Environmentally Friendly LED Lighting

At I-5 we take care to select our vendors and materials, and we look at much more than just price. When it comes to lighting we know our clients care about environmental impact and maintenance, these factors are important to us too. That’s why we use LED low energy-usage bulbs. They save money in utility bills, require less maintenance and reduce a properties environmental impact. As of 2011, an Energy Star-qualified LED bulb has an average operating cost of $1 per year. That compares to annual costs of $1.20 for an Energy Star-qualified compact fluorescent bulb, $3.50 for a halogen incandescent bulb and $4.80 for a traditional incandescent bulb. In addition, an Energy Star-qualified LED bulb’s longer life — ranging from a minimum of 15 times longer than a traditional incandescent bulb to a maximum of 25 times longer — means there is much lower turnover of bulbs in the facility.

Not only are LED bulbs environmentally friendly but they give our clients a wide variety of options for their designs. The way the lights are incorporated creates that high impact “WOW” factor for the facilities designed and remodeled by I-5 Design. Check out some of our casino designs, restaurant designs and bar and lounge designs.

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