Royal Lounge | Opus Casino | New York




As part of the complete lounge redesign of Royal Casino, I-5 Design and Manufacture was asked to re-conceptualize the casino’s bar and lounge area.

Design highlights

An undersea fantasy world was conjured in I-5’s theming plan for the Royal Casino Lounge. Flowing, swirling ribbons of color and a coordinated, complementary décor scheme brought the setting together in an appealing space, allowing patrons to step away from gaming but still feel part of the action. Lounge design elements included:

• Rich, deep hues and textures throughout, enveloping guests

• Custom ceiling and wall elements, which engender a sense of gentle, wave-like movement

• A custom carpet design, reflecting the colors and patterns of the overall décor

• Custom lighting fixtures that provide both warm illumination and overhead interest


The design for the Royal Casino Lounge was warm while utilizing many exciting décor elements. I-5 provided the Royal Casino Lounge with a conceptual lounge design idea that transformed their idea into a 3D reality.

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