Ignite Lounge Sign Design | MGM Monte Carlo | Las Vegas, Nevada




Located within the MGM Monte Carlo, the new Ignite Lounge needed custom signage — I-5 was contracted to design and create graphic identification that would draw patrons into the lounge and convey the “inferno of excitement” found within.

Design and finished product highlights

I-5’s casino design team kindled a stunning sign design that embodied the crackling energy of a blazing fire. Utilizing the latest in visual display technology, each sign became a brilliantly radiating advertisement for Ignite. Key signage features included:

• Multi-layered translucent tubes to imbue the sense of smoldering embers and leaping flames

• Dimensional logo components, lending depth and impact

• Premium high gloss finishes for maximum reflective capacity

• Internally illuminated elements cast an inviting glow that could be seen from around the casino

Production and implementation

I-5’s one-stop advantage of providing design, fabrication, and implementation ensured that the casino design intent for Ignite’s distinctive signage was seamlessly carried through installation.


Ignite Lounge is now a centerpiece venue of the Monte Carlo Casino. Open 24 hours a day, its distinctive signage is visible throughout the property, inviting patrons to experience its fiery atmosphere.

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