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Photo of the new High Mountain Buffet tree element and lighting design.Coeur D’Alene Casino wanted to dramatically upgrade their buffet design to create a beautiful regional atmosphere that would be a draw in its own right, and help add to the destination’s reputation. Working with the property management, I-5 created a buffet design  that built on the existing infrastructure to transform the dining atmosphere with a fresh, natural color palette and warm finishes, inspired by the geography of the surrounding region. The original project was to remodel just the buffet, with an aggressive timeline of four weeks. The Nighthawk Lounge design was added part way through, but I-5 still finished the on-site implementation in just four weeks.

See the completed buffet design and renovation project at the High Mountain Buffet portfolio page.

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  1. Jackie September 2, 2014 at 4:25 pm #

    I really love the chairs they decided to use. A lot of times using different wood doesn’t come out well but this one really did. If anybody is interested they have chairs very similiar to these on this website

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