One Fire Casino | Creek Nation Casino project completion

Creek Nation One Fire Casino completed project

We recently completed an amazing exterior and interior casino décor upgrade for the One Fire Creek Nation Casino, located in Okmulgee, Oklahoma. From the design process to the implementation, I-5 Design worked with the casino to create an environment that would welcome customers in and keep them entertained throughout the entire gaming floor. For the exterior, we designed a completely new façade that created a compelling entrance using river rock stone columns with custom light fixtures and signage. The concealed illumination on the porte cochere and building borderline produce a warm and inviting ambiance the ties into the interior lighting design. To produce a unified and consistent thread throughout the interior and exterior, we designed a custom flame motif, which was based off of the casino and tribal logo. The entire exterior remodel was completed in a weeks time, without making any structural changes to the building. Below is a quote from the assistant general manger of the Casino.

We are so very proud of our facility now, and it was such a great experience to work with I-5 Design and the sub contractors.  Everyone worked so wonderful together on this project.  The customer service provided by I-5 Design before, during and after the project was completed was outstanding. Much more efficiently planned and executed than anything I’ve ever had the privilege to be involved in.  You, Nate and your crews were amazing in this process.  From each employee of the One Fire Casino, thank you very much.”

-Lorinda Driskill
Assistant General Manager
One Fire Casino | Creek Nation Casinos

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