Permitting for Signage Needs

Exterior Signage for O'Reilly Auto Parts

The permitting department at I-5 Design is dedicated to making sure our clients get the visibility and recognition they need. We work closely with cities and municipalities, to interpret the development codes and allowances, resolve any challenges that could potentially slow down a project, and ensure that the permits are obtained in a timely manner.  Each jurisdiction presents its own unique challenges and we do everything possible to make sure our clients have the best signage scenario possible.

As the lead permit tech here at I-5 Design, I’ve worked closely with Cynthia Springer at O’Reilly Auto Parts to acquire the needed permits to implement new branding and signage for their retail facilities. Each location requires it’s own set of permits, being in various cities across the United States. Below is a message I received from Cynthia in reference to our work with her on O’Reilly Auto Parts projects.

“I am retiring from O’Reilly today and wish to extend my genuine appreciation for the excellent job you did for me and for O’Reilly.  You definitely got me from Monday to Tuesday when I needed all the help I could get.  I have seldom worked with a vendor that could wrangle permits they way I-5 Design could.  It is a coup de tat when a building is allowed 10 sq ft but you would get permits for 40 sq feet.”

I value my relationship with each of you.

Warmest regards,
Cynthia Springer
O’Reilly Auto Parts

Sarah K.
Permit Technician
I-5 Design and Manufacture

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