Pit River Casino | Exterior Project Completion

Photos of the complete exterior upgrade for the Pit River Casino.

Day 5 on site at Pit River Casino in Burney, California marked the completion of the exterior décor façade upgrade. The casino’s porte cochere structure was completely renovated using pre-fabricated components, created in our manufacturing facility, located in Lacey, WA. The porte cochere included a new peak structure and rock columns that fit over the existing building & pillars for a seamless integration and minimal structural changes. We also finished a brand new pylon sign complete with full color message center that is located directly on the highway that runs parallel to the casino in order to better attract the attention of passers-by. The installation was able to be completed while the casino remained open for business. We will be starting the interior décor upgrade at the Pit River Casino in a few weeks. Check back for more updates on the progress.

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